Comic Vine Review


Daredevil #22


Daredevil and Spider-Man team up in the latest issue, but will Matt realize that this isn't the Peter Parker he used to know.

The Good

The latest issue of DAREDEVIL is a kicker. Not only do we see Spider-Man team up with Daredevil, but we get a very interesting interaction between these two characters. Fans know that these two have a pretty strong relationship, but if you've read SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN you know that this isn't really the "real" Spider-Man. Being that Daredevil is not just incredibly quick witted, but he's also a fantastic detective, writer Mark Waid has us at the edge of our seats in anticipation, wondering whether or not Matt will be able to tell that this isn't exactly the Spider-Man he's known for so many years. So will he or won't he? We will leave that to be seen in the issue.

I love the way that Waid wrote this issue; it feels like a crescendo the way he moves the story forward. The issue starts with a focus on money (and how Matt doesn't have very much left) and begins to break down Daredevil's powers. Waid goes on to explain the way that Daredevil has had to adapt and evolve. He then moves the story to focus on the fact that since he isn't working with Foggy, he doesn't have much money left. Spider-Man is then brought onto the scene in a fun, action packed moment, and Matt questions whether there is something a bit 'off' about the situation. The issue ends with Matt confronting an old friend, and it's definitely a moment that caught me by surprise.

This issue doesn't just push the story forward, it also serves to explain the reasons behind Foggy Nelson's actions. I guarantee that your heart will sink into your stomach when you reach the final page of this comic, particularly if you are heavily invested in these characters.

Once again, Chris Samnee does an incredible job of illustrating a beautiful story; his work is the perfect compliment to Waid's ideas.

The Bad

Nothing bad here; an all around fantastic issue.

The Verdict

This issue is guaranteed to make you cry, just a tiny bit. The story contains everything you could want in a great comic: humor, action, character development and a push to move the story's plot forward. Not only was it great to see Mark Waid play with this idea of a Doc Oc Spider-Man, but it was also great to see the two characters interact on both an action level as well as a conversational one. And that last page will definitely not disappoint. Not the best jumping on point for new readers, but Waid does definitely make this an accessible read.