Comic Vine Review


Daredevil #21


Daredevil gets closer to finding out the truth behind his recent problems.

The Good

Who would have thought a Daredevil story with the Spot could be so compelling. With what Mark Waid has been doing on this series, it shouldn't be a surprise. Last issue we got a bit of a revelation about Spot and craziness continues as we see him in a way we haven't before.

Matt Murdock's been put through a lot lately. As he tries to uncover all the answers, readers will be glued to each page, waiting to find out what happens next. There's also the strain between Matt and Foggy Nelson that has to be dealt with. It's not going to be a pretty scene.

An ongoing factor, aside from Foggy's inexcusable behavior recently, is how this series relates to what happened to Daredevil before Waid took over. We saw mention of his wife, Milla, but what about the other things Matt and Daredevil did? Foggy's recent confession to another is going to have some big repercussions for everyone involved.

Chris Samnee rocks another issue with his brilliant art accompanied by Javier Rodriguez's colors. Waid sets up the story and direction and the art and color knocks it out of the park. Even the subtle differences in a flashback scene make this comic a joy to read. Paolo Rivera also delivers another great and eerie cover.

The Bad

Waid and company gave us another great issue. The only odd moment is when a character talked to a certain hero that will confront Daredevil next issue (the preview has already been released). I'm not sure if I missed how this character would have a connection or way to contact the hero. But the dialogue was epic.

The Verdict

We may be getting hit with a lot of great Marvel NOW! titles but all that is unnecessary when it comes to Daredevil. Mark Waid is owning this series by delivering great issue after great issue. The mystery of Daredevil's recent problems is slowly getting uncovered and we see some interesting revelations here. There's also the repercussions to deal with from Foggy's decision to seek outside help in dealing with Matt. Chris Samnee and Javier Rodriguez make a great story a visual treat. The set up for next issue's big clash was a little odd but based on what we're seeing here, it's going to be another crazy ride.