Comic Vine Review


Daredevil #20


Daredevil's recent battle has caused him to lose his head...literally. Find out how he can overcome this former B-list villain that has been making his life hell.

The Good

Leave it to Mark Waid to take a villain like the Spot and turn him into a more menacing villain. Earlier this year, we even did a feature on him as a lame villain that had the potential to be something more. Based on everything he's done to Matt Murdock lately, Waid is showing that he indeed has the ability to rise in the ranks of supervillains. What Spot does here (or I guess we should start calling him by his new name, Coyote?), is pretty twisted and truly elevates him to a higher level.

Showing how much of a hero Daredevil is, even while in an insane situation, Waid writes Daredevil as being able to keep his cool, even if he's lost his head. You get to see that he is a crimefighter but is also an attorney. He knows how to pry information out of person to get them talking and to stall for time.

There are some slightly gruesome scenes but the fact that Chris Samnee's art is here makes even some darker moments look really good.

The Bad

In some ways it felt as if this issue had an abrupt ending. There is a cliffhanger and the story will be concluded next issue but all of a sudden, it felt as if Daredevil started 'winning' too easily, considering the situation he was in. But he is meant to be the hero in the book and be able to overcome these sort of odds.

The Verdict

Mark Waid continues make DAREDEVIL a great read month after month. With Chris Samnee's art and the crazy situation Daredevil is (after literally losing his head last issue), this is continues to be a fantastic run. You wouldn't think this villain could cause this sort of damage but Waid keeps us on the edge of our seat as he pushes the story further along. It sort of felt as if this issue started reaching a conclusion a little too quickly but at the same time, we probably wouldn't want a headless Daredevil running around for too long. Waid's DAREDEVIL can always be counted on to deliver great and exciting adventures. You never know what he's going to throw at us next.