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Daredevil #2


Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera have been breathing new life into Matt Murdoch, in the revamped Daredevil series. This book is quickly becoming a must read series both veterans and new readers will love.

The all new Daredevil series written by Mark Waid with pencils by Paolo Rivera is off to an exceptional start, and is quickly becoming a must read series that both long time Daredevil fans and new readers will enjoy.

The Good

Second issue into Mark Waid's all new Daredevil series and it does not feel entirely like a revamp, but it is different enough from the previous series that it feels in a way disconnected from his past. When characters exist for years they acquire baggage -- the kind that goes hand in hand with continuity. While continuity can be what makes a character really interesting, it also happens to be the biggest restriction for comic book writers. The best thing so far about this book is the fresh interpretation of the classic character. When you read Waid's Daredevil series you don't feel like you're reading 40 years of Daredevil, making this one of the most accessible superhero comics in the market right now. Daredevil #2 opens with Matt being attacked by one of his former teammates, Steve Rogers. Daredevil quickly breaks down the interaction, connecting Steve's hard lined reaction to Bucky's death, and the blame put on the former Winter Soldier for crimes he did not commit. The scene is written effortlessly, and the art is completely complimentary. It's almost as though Daredevil moves fluidly from one panel to the next, silently breaking Steve down mentally during the physical altercation. Paolo's art is perfect for Daredevil who is so acrobatic and moves with so much finesse -- he seems to literally swing out of the pages of this book. The scenes intensify by the end, and be sure to save the last page for last -- don't skip ahead.

The Bad

How long do we have to wait for the third issue? Seriously, though, this Daredevil has been brilliant. Looking forward to #3.

The Verdict

This is a series that fans of Daredevil will love, featuring Matt as well as shedding some spotlight on Matt's comrade Foggy Nelson. This started off with a fantastic first issue -- but if you enjoyed that, wait until you get to this second issue. The series is fantastic, not a slow moment here. The end of the book will leave you wanting more. The artistic team is one of the best I have seen on any Marvel book in a long time. Not only are Paolo Rivera's pencils beautiful and fluid; perfect for Daredevil, but Joe Rivera's inks are perfect. His smooth, fine lines help the character leap off the pages. Can't forget to mention Javier Rodriguez's gorgeous colors, reinforcing the classic feel of this book. Gorgeous book, accessible to new readers, highly recommended.