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Daredevil #17 - The Great Divide


Mark Waid, Mike Allred and Laura Allred on DAREDEVIL. What more could I ask for?

The Good

The issue I've been waiting for is finally here. Mike and Laura Allred jump on board Mark Waid's great run of DAREDEVIL for one issue. Since Waid has taken over this series, we've not only been treated to some phenomenal stories but we've been treated to a bevy of great artists as well.

The beauty of this issue is while it does continue directly from last issues shocking conclusion, it also serves a great stand alone issue as well. In other words, we get a bit of a flashback that further enhances the relationship and development of characters that have existed for so long.

Whether it's scenes of Matt and Foggy arguing in an office (with the subtle sway of Matt's tie) or an attack by Stilt-Man, there's so much fun packed in and surrounded by action. Mike Allred's art always manages to capture a slight classic feel but it's taken to another level with Laura Alred's colors that make each panel pop off the page.

Waid never ceases to amaze with a story that isn't necessarily earth-shattering for Daredevil but the way he tells it makes it stand out. This will stand as one of my favorite single story issues of the year.

The Bad

It is a one shot story. There is a flashback. Is it crucial to the overall series? Only if you like really cool, fun and entertaining comics.

The Verdict

Marvel is continuing to make DAREDEVIL a great comic month after month. With Mike and Laura Allred coming on board for one issue, we get another great artistic team to add to the incredible list of artist and colorists that have already worked on the series. I don't know how Mark Waid does it but he manages to get great artist after great artist to illustrate his stories. The issue does continue from last month but also serves as a (really really good) self-contained story. You can easily jump here and have a blast reading. This is what I want from comics. I don't need some humongous comic story set out to be the most epic thing ever. Just give me a fun and great story with amazing art so I can sit back and remember why I love comic books so much. Reading comics like this is why I love my job.