Comic Vine Review


Daredevil #14 - Megacrime and Punishment


After a rough day of crime-fighting, Daredevil wakes up in a situation he might not be able to get out of.

The Good

What isn't good about this issue? It opens with Daredevil trapped in a glass case with nothing but some holes in it for him to breathe. Since DD can't see much, he is forced to use his other senses (smell, for example) to deduce his location and figure out where he's been teleported to from the Avengers mansion. Waid does a great job writing Daredevil in this scene, and the reader gets a sense that even 'The Man Without Fear' shows a little bit of fear once in a while. It's a really fantastic moment; really well written.

Although I was a huge fan of Paolo Rivera's work as the series' artist I have to admit I really loved Chris Samnee's interiors in this issue. He makes Daredevil glide across the pages, the way he illustrates the character; it's as if he's is really moving. Not only that but the scenes featuring Foggy Nelson's conversation with Kristen, you get a real sense of the somber tone and shift in the book. I think Waid did a great job setting up the scene, but Samnee really did a phenomenal job executing it.

If this issue is proof of anything it's that Mark Waid has no problem putting Matt through the ringer.

He may be blind, but at least he had his radar sense and his sense of smell. And that's the key word there; had. But what happens when you scare 'The Man Without Fear' half to death and take away what's more precious to him than anything in the world?

Mark Waid leaves us with a huge cliffhanger that has me at the edge of my seat, and I absolutely cannot wait for the next issue.

The Bad

I have no complaints. I think Waid this may be one of the best issues of Mark Waid's DAREDEVIL, yet.

The Verdict

Amazing art coupled with phenomenal writing makes this one of the best issues to hit stands this week. Great execution by Samnee here; I loved him on this issue. He really helps tell the story, emotion and movement of Daredevil through his art. Mark Waid is setting up challenge after challenge for Matt; and that's how you tell a really good story. I love the parallel ongoing stories told here; the current predicament Matt is in and Matt's deteriorating friendship and partnership with Foggy -- Matt is definitely in for a world of pain. Excellent pacing in this issue. Waid put a lot of thought into this story and it shows. Fantastic cliffhanger at the end. This is a great jumping on point for new readers, too.