Comic Vine Review


Daredevil #13 - Hell Night


Daredevil is the center of attention in the latest issue of his self titled series; but we have to wonder, has he gone off the deep end?

The Good

We get a change in the artistic team with Khoi Pham on board for this issue and it's great. Pham really knows how to capture the expressions of characters and the fluidity of Daredevil in the action packed scenes we see in this issue. If you are looking for action, then this might be your cup of tea. Daredevil facing off against some of the Marvel Universes biggest villains means we get to see some very interesting action sequences and intricate panels in this issue.

The issue ends with a major cliffhanger that will leave you wondering whether Daredevil can really bounce back from what happened here. You may also ask yourself if DD has actually learned anything since Shadowland, or if he's really still the same person. A lot of issues are brought up here that will lead the reader to question Murdoch's decision and wonder about his character development.

The Bad

For such a smart guy Matt Murdoch sure is an idiot. Okay, I know, it's just a comic book. Those civilians Daredevil is putting at risk by antagonizing four of the biggest crime syndicates in the Marvel Universe aren't really getting hurt, but, why is he being so careless? That's what I really had a problem with. Is Matt really so selfish that he would rather make himself a target and have them attack all at once, a move that puts the lives of these guys in danger, just because he doesn't want to deal with some Black Spectre affiliate crashing any more of his dates with Kirsten McDuffie? I don't know, it sounds silly. He's supposed to be protecting the city by putting himself after innocent civilians, but that's not really what he is doing. He's being selfish. Not to mention, over the top and dramatic with this whole "come and get me," attitude. Something about it just rubbed me the wrong way, I guess.

In the end, we all could have guessed what was going to happen -- and it does. Rookie move, Murdoch. I'm disappointed. The thing is, everything that happens in this issue sort of goes againt all the building up of how smart and slick Matt Murdoch is. He's such a genius, he can outsmart anyone; so what the heck happened here? Where did his intellect and deduction skills run off to? I certainly wouldn't hire him as my lawyer.

The Verdict

I had a hard time with this issue. As well written as it was, it just felt like an easy out to have Matt parade around New York with some precious data drive strapped to his neck -- up for the taking. Is he that conceited? The saving grace of this issue (aside from Pham's great art) are the first few pages that put the spotlight on Foggy Nelson, who seems to be having a nervous breakdown. These scenes really express the tremendous amount of compassion Nelson has for his friend, by showcasing his level of concern. Great art, lackluster story that feels out of character for Matt. If you like action though this might be exactly what you've been waiting for.