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Daredevil #10


If you thought the last issue was good, you ain't seen nothing yet.

The Good

Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera return for the tenth issue of Daredevil and it may be one of their best yet. If you thought the last issue of Daredevil couldn't be topped, wait until you read this one. Mole Man has ransacked and robbed the graves of many in an effort to find the corpse of his long lost love, Lorna. But why? At the heart of this issue we see Waid toying with the idea that super villains (and even superheroes) must all be crazy. I mean, you have to be crazy to rob the graves of thousands in an effort to find one person's dead body, right? And to do all of this and go through all of this effort just

so he can "gaze on her one last time," not even because he had some crazy plan to bring her back from the dead is really insane. But hey, that's Mole Man.

This is a brilliant issue of Daredevil. We pick up directly where we let off, with Matt trapped inside a giant Maw. Waid delivers action in a clever, witty way through Daredevil's internal dialogue. It feels so effortless which is exactly what makes it so fantastic. It really doesn't even feel like Waid is trying to write Daredevil, he just does it. What we get is this fluid, complex character.

I loved the scenes between Mole Man and Daredevil in this issue because they are written to appear as mirror opposites of one another, but both have a commonality. Matt is this handsome man, blinded, upholds the law, popular with the ladies while Mole Man is this overweight, unattractive man who is also blind but has always been rejected by women. What the two have in common is this everlasting love for people who have long since passed away. For Mole Man it's Lorna, the only woman who treated him with respect. For Matt it's his father. Both characters are struggling to come to terms with the deaths of people who meant everything to them, and this is evident in the scene where Matt and Mole Man are dueling in a room full of diamonds.

"He isn't here. In a wooden box. He's gone."
"I know that Harvey. I just never said it before."

It's a brilliantly executed scene that reaches far deeper into both characters and shows the reader that they aren't as different as they might seem.

Waid also addresses the "old Matt" in this issue in a conversation between Matt and Foggy, signaling this acknowledgement that the character has evolved and changed due to his most recent experiences. It was great to see that Matt's past had some deep effect on him.

Paolo Rivera delivers another outstanding issue. The layout of his panels are brilliant and give that extra something to the overall flow of the story. What we get is a really easy to read comic book that has this incredible fluidity.

The Bad

Absolutely nothing.

The Verdict

This is by far one of the best issues of DAREDEVIL so far. I love the contrast between Daredevil and Mole Man, it's brilliantly executed. The book is gorgeous and the story will certainly pull at your heart strings a little bit. This is one book that left me wanting more. The question remains, is Matt crazy?

Beautiful art, and not the worst jumping on point for new readers.