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Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness #2 - Episode Two of Six


Ash is back and as cool as ever.

Ash is re-established and Danger Girl is out on the look for him because somehow, he has a connection to a page of the Necronomicon that Danger Girl has in her possession. Also, Ash punches things in the face.

The Good

So Ash alone, makes this book a ton of fun. Yes, there's a bit of catch-up on Ash towards the beginning, but Army of Darkness fans will still enjoy it, and it is a nice refresher on the character. Ash is just as awesome/funny as he is in the films, and I loved his "antics" in this issue. One of my favorite moments is when Ash, who has been shot with a taser, uses his old metal hand to pass the electrical current into the man that shot him. It was really a "shocking" moment... Get it?

What I liked most about this issue, and the series so far is the story. It's cool to see these two characters come together, and I like how it's Danger Girl's mission to find Ash, who appeared on a page of the Necronomicon. I'm excited to see how this story plays out when Danger Girl finds out that Ash is technically a time traveler.

I really enjoyed the art on this issue, by Chris Bolson. It's a bit zany at times, but still very serious and realistic, for the art form, and have I mentioned busty women? It's Danger Girl though, so you knew you were going to get that anyway. My favorite few panels, which is actually mentioned above, is when Ash is getting tasered. There's a great amount of detail within the panels and it just looks awesome.

The Bad

I'm no Danger Girl fan, and personally, I could care less about her. I do think it's cool putting both of these iconic characters in a book together, but Danger Girl was never a character I was interested in, even if she is in a skimpy bikini.

The Verdict

What happens when two worlds collide? Well, you have a book that's a bit comedic and a bit seriously, but it works well. This issue is a lot better than the first issue since we finally get to see Ash work his magic in the series. Overall, it's shaping up to be a very interesting story, and I really enjoyed the art. Danger Girl and Army of Darkness fans are going to love the book, and I could see those who aren't as into either of those worlds enjoying the series as well.