Comic Vine Review


Cyborg 009 #000 - Chapter 000


This limited preview gives you a full introduction to the upcoming graphic novel based on the manga. With Marcus To's art and the $1 price tag, you shouldn't miss out on this one.

The Good

The first thing you'll notice when you open this comic is the art and colors. It will immediately catch you off guard and knock you on your figurative butt. I've been a fan of Marcus To's art for some time but this is something else. You'll want to check out each panel as you're reading along. Ian Herring's colors add to the art, bringing a reading experience different from the rest of this week's titles.

Some readers might be familiar with the concept of Cyborg 009. When this project was first announced, I avoided reading what it was about. Knowing Marcus To was involved was enough to sell me on it and I wanted to be surprised when I read it. It was afterwards I realized this was based on a manga and anime (which didn't air in the area I grew up). There is a manga feel to it but To's art has always had that slight style from time to time.

As an introduction, we get a great look at who Cyborg 009 is. There is an element of mystery that will drive the story. The action, suspense and twists will get you hooked and make you scream at Archaia for making us wait until this summer to read the full story.

The Bad

You have to take into consideration that this is only a preview. It's not as stunted as other ones I've seen in the past. It is a bit of a tease. We get a good idea who our main cast of characters but it's not quite enough to get a full idea what the full story will be like. We know where the characters will go by the end of the preview but it's unknown how it will all play out. We can expect big action but what the tone of the story will be is unknown - will it be violent, will it be a love story, etc?

We also are not able to get a full look at all of the characters. Again, something we'll have to wait for. (Note: There is a write up about Cyborg 009 at the end and interview).

The Verdict

Check your pockets. Chances are you might be able to find a dollar there. Or maybe you have a dollar you can spare or borrow. If you do, you definitely should check out this preview of the upcoming graphic novel by FJ DeSanto, Bradley Cramp and Marcus To. To's art with Ian Herring's colors will blow you away. The preview succeeds in giving you enough of a tease to make you demand more. You can feel the combination of the original manga and the Western style of comics. Comic readers can sometimes get a little cynical with today's comics. This is a great taste of a comic to alleviate any concerns with today's market. It's a great introduction to the characters and you'll absolutely want this book on your radar.