Comic Vine Review


Creator-Owned Heroes #1 - American Muscle #1; Trigger Girl 6 #1


We all love when our favorite writers write our favorite characters but there's something special when they dive in and give us something they've created themselves.

Check out the list of creators in this issue. That should be more than enough of a reason to pick it up.

The Good

We all love reading about those familiar comic book characters we grew up with. When we hear our favorite writers and artists are working on those characters, we're overjoyed. When the news comes out they're working on a character they've created, there tends to be a little more hesitation.

The reason comic readers might be hesitant in trying creator owned comics is the unknown factor. Most readers are on a budget and have to limit what they are able to buy. It might be safer in their eyes to stick with what they've seen a bunch of times since they'd know what they'd be getting.

Creators may not admit it but you have to wonder if they feel more excitement and freedom when working on their own characters. They can cut loose and do whatever they want. With a series called CREATOR OWNED HEROES, that's exactly what we'll have. The first issue features two 11-page stories. The first is by Steve Niles, Kevin Mellon and Bill Tortolini. The second is by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Phil Noto. Those names should all sound familiar and will make the comic worth the $3.99 price tag.

The story by Niles and the one by Gray and Palmiotti have completely different feels and that's okay. They are two separate stories. Both set up the situation and will get you hooked into the story. That's the important thing with unknown characters, we need a reason to care and all involved here do the job. And the art in each captures the mood and vibe necessary for the corresponding stories.

There's bound to be some that feel $3.99 for 22 pages but looking at today's ACTION COMICS, it's the same price for just 6 more pages. But there is actually more content here. Besides the two stories, there's an interview with Neil Gaiman as well as features on Jimmy, Justin and Steve. There's also articles on what the aim of this series is as well as a look at some cosplayer for character, Trigger Girl 6, seen on the cover. So basically you get a great comic that has an almost magazine feel to it.

The Bad

It's a bummer that the stories are only 11-pages each. But they will definitely capture your attention and make you crave the next installment.

I do like the idea of interviews and features. It's great for there to be a platform to showcase who exactly these creators are and what they have to say. As much as I love all the creators involved, it wasn't absolutely necessary for me.

The Verdict

There's something special when a creator gets to work on their own characters. Writers like Steve Niles, Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti have long proven what they are capable of doing and seeing them work on something they gave birth to in their minds is a treat. Writers that work on the big mainstream characters usually have a deep fondness for those characters but you would have to think being able to work on your own brings a different level of satisfaction. We get the first chapters for two separate stories. The writers obviously know what they're doing in getting us hooked in wanting more. The art by Kevin Mellon is great and I never considered seeing Phil Noto's amazing style with Palmiotti and Gray's script. This is definitely a comic book that needs to be seen. It's more of an experience rather than being a simple comic. I only wish there was more.