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Convergence Green Lantern/Parallax #2 - The Parallax View


Kyle Rayner tries to save Electropolis from Parallax

The Good

Kyle Rayner makes a deal with Princess Fern to stop Parallax from attacking Electropolis. What the issue does really well is deliver some fun action sequences, which many DC fans will love because we get to see Hal Jordan as Parallax once again.

Ron Wagner (Pencils), Bill Reinhold (Inks), and Paul Mounts (Colors) make this battle quite the delightful romp. The battle scenes are vibrant and extremely cool. Mounts does some great work with color, which is obviously important for a book with any member of the Lantern corp in it. I really loved the use of onamonapia in the panels, which once again, highlights the fun of these events and battles in the issue.

That's really the fun of the book though is watching Kyle fly around to be the hero he can be and please all sides, but ultimately, he realizes he can't trust anyone. Tony Bedard does a great job of capturing these character's voices, especially Hal Jordan/Parallax. The conversations between the two characters works well and it's great to see these two characters from this specific timeline in the same scene again.

The Bad

We've seen other Convergence tie-in books break away from the formula, and it really works well. THE QUESTION is a prime example of that by leaving behind the "battle for your city" story and exclusively focusing on characters and their personal stories. However, GREEN LANTERN/PARALLAX follows the Convergence formula precisely and it's fun, but it's incredibly predictable, which in turn can actually make the reading of the book a tad dull. Sure, I just said the book was fun, and looking back at the overall issue, that still stands, but while reading it, we know from page one where the entire story is headed and there are little to no surprises throughout.

The Verdict

Convergence: Parralax/Green Lantern is a fun issue and nothing more. It falls victim to the Convergence formula which ultimately either leaves the reader a bit disappointed and wanting more because each story feels so rushed or wondering why the story exists in the first place. The dialogue is fine and the battles are fun with some solid art, but in the end, it's a two issue story featuring some great characters that ultimately falls flat because it's as trapped within the formula as the characters were within their cities. If you like these characters, for sure, check this issue out, but this wasn't as essential a read as I originally projected.