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Convergence Green Lantern Corps #1 - Good Guys and Bad Guys


Guy Gardner is out of his coma and wants to find out where Hal is

The Good

This is truly an issue for longtime Guy Gardner fans. This is much more a book about Guy and his relationship with his fellow Green Lanterns rather than a CONVERGENCE tie-in.

At some point, David Gallaher and Steve Ellis sat down and said "let's tell a great story about Guy Gardner after he woke up from his coma, which Sinestro put him in, years ago." That's exactly what they did. Sure, CONVERGENCE is happening all around them, but that's not the focus of the book.

All of this takes place before Crisis and it really deals with all the problems Guy has with Hal because Hal, during this time, sucked and had everything handed to him on a silver platter while Guy was the whipping post of the DCU. It's a real emotional issue and we get to see Guy dealing with his past. He gets panic attacks any time Sinestro is mentioned and has to see Dr Leslie Thompkins for help.

Do you want a compelling story? Yep, that's here. The book follows Guy as he talks to Carol and John in order to find where Hal is hiding out. Guy faces his fears, head on, which is what a Green Lantern should be doing and thus, that makes him one of the best too. We actually get a little bit of a detective story from this issue as well.

When Guy finds Hal, readers are treated to Guy letting some rage out. We get to see small elements of what made Guy a Red Lantern here, and the ending is pretty fantastic as Guy rises to the occasion, even without any powers. Best part is, when Telos makes his announcement, which we've all read numerous times by now, Guy is making some jokes. Also, that whole speech is slimmed down 1 1/4 pages. Thanks for that. I'm tired of reading it.

The art here is really solid and does its job. It's pretty straight forward. Ande Parks keeps everything looking clear and crisp with the inks and Hi-Fi's colors are fitting for the story. The overall art has a great bronze age feel to it, but with some updated colorwork.

The Bad

This is the best issue to come out of CONVERGENCE yet.

The Verdict

Again, for like the third time, this is the best issue to come out of CONVERGECE yet. It may not be a great read for everyone, but this book really captures a specific era in the DCU's lifespan, following one of its characters who wasn't treated exceptionally well. Ellis and Gallaher prove that you can have a tie-in to this event, but still tell a great story.