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Clone #6 Review


The Beta clone is loose! The Alpha clone wants to escape the camp! Luke's wife is trapped!

The Good

Director Davis has released the Beta clone and has Luke's wife and baby under his watch. Beta goes out into the world to find the clone camp, to kill them all, and Luke goes off to find his wife.

What a great start to a new story, although it really just is a continuation of the last one. CLONE #6 is the first time that I've felt that this series has legs. It finally feels like it can move beyond this first story. It was something I was pretty worried about from the get-go with CLONE. The world really expands here as the number of writers does as well: David Schulner, Aaron Ginsberg, and Wade McIntyre.

I really like that this is book is quickly becoming much larger. We now know who the Alpha is. We have this cool Beta clone running around, doing Davis' dirty work. This book really opens up, and a lot of what I loved from this issue came from Beta just being a really cool and completely B.A. character. This is the first time we get to see him in action, and he is extremely ruthless and just the villain this book needs.

Awesome action sequence as Alpha and Beta unknowingly cross paths, which leads Alpha (Luke) to tell Beta the location of the clone camp. We get a brief fight, which is Beta firing away while Alpha flees. It really got me excited to see these two eventually really square off. This isn't an action heavy book, and you shouldn't expect it, going in, but when we do get a bit of it, it's some really cool scenes that fit the world this book lives in. It's not over-the-top. They're grounded, fun scenes.

Now comes to the part of every CLONE review where I talk about how awesome Juan Jose Ryp's art is, with Andy Troy on colors. From page one, the reader is treated to an extremely highly detailed scene of Luke running towards a fence. The amount of work Ryp puts into this series, month after month, is amazing. Aside from the immense amount of work in each panel, Ryp's art is fantastic and consistently amazing. He has his own distinct style and he's one of my current favorite working artists. Every page is unique and laid out very well. The panel images never become stagnant or boring.

The Bad

The issue feels different from the others, and most likely that's because it has three writers on it. Now, I'm not sure who did what, but the pacing and tone are a tad different. This feels more like a traditional comic and in a sense, it feels like it lost a small bit of its charm. That being said, it's still pretty brilliant.

I thought the fully tattooed clone, guarding Amelia, was a bit much. It seemed silly, just the idea of he being tattooed head to toe.

The Verdict

If you were to tell me, 8 months ago, that one of my favorite series is about a bunch of dudes that all look the same, but it's written so well that I don't have to go back and check which character is which, I'd tell you that you live in a magic fantasy land and you should be institutionalized. CLONE is awesome, and I really love where it's building to. This is a highly underrated book, and I suggest you go out of your way to find it. It's worth it. The writing and art are always fantastic, and while the addition of new writers led to the overall tone of this book changing, it's still better than most of the other series on the shelves.

Overall, I highly recommend this issue.

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Edited By Dabee

Clone really is a great series, can't wait to read this issue. I'm glad it got a good review! :-)

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Posted By longbowhunter

You're right about the world growing in this issue. Before Clone felt like another great miniseries, but now I can see it going for the long haul. You could tell Ryp was in his comfort zone during the diner assault. So much fun to look at. Beta is even more terrifying than the previous clone assassin.

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Posted By MadeinBangladesh

Loving this series. really Underrated.

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I have the first 5 issues of this series. Picked them up at a discount on Free Comic Day. I really gotta say, the first 5 issues read exactly like a tv show. The comic is rated exactly as it should be, maybe even a little high. The plot lines are generic and trite (my kidnapped wife is more overused than the evil twin with a mustache). And judging from the layout of issue 2, they clearly have no idea how to do a proper page layout for a comic book. Specifically, the two page splash where Luke meets the other clones. It's supposed to be a two page splash anyway, placed on an even and odd page respectively, but istead they placed it on an odd and even pages instead, a small fuck up, on paper until you realize that in practice the entire splash effect is ruined because half the splash is on one page and yuo have to turn the page for the other half! Complete amateur hour there. But, it's the writer's first book. Not Ryp's fault. His splash was fine in the digital comic. Whatever. I completely understand why this was made into a comic instead of a live action show because repeating the alpha's face a zillion times in frame with CGI would be too expensive for a show that would've just ended up on USA or SyFy. I will say this about the art, Ryp's attention to detail borderlines on OCD. The cover if the first issue is a perfect example of this. His artwork reminds me of an article I read about a man who is autistic and was able to draw the entire New York city skyline from memory after only having a 3 minute look around from a roof. This guy:

So my complaint is not in the art quality, the quality is better than alot of comics that people would sacrifice their first born for. TWD for example is a muddy mess compared to this level of detail. In fact, the arguement can be made that Clone is just a pretty mess of a story because TWD, with it's muddy art after issue 5 that is, is the hottest thing to come down the pipe proving that story keeps readers more than art. You have to remember, comics are alot like reading a movie or tv show and people want plot, not CGI. See the second Star Wars trilogy for a perfect example of this. Anyway... My complaints about the art are that the Alpha character's lips and generic facial features make him look not human which is only emphasized by the plot nad this really fights against that "are they or aren't they" existential arguement. But by far and away, my biggest complaint about the art is the extremely iffeminate way he positions all of his male characters. I mean really. The two page splash I mentioned earlier (issue 2 pgs 9-10) is like gay church. Look at it again. Every guy in the shot is standing on one foot, back arched, butt flexing, wearing tight constricting muscle accentuating clothes, and lifting weights. It's supposed to look like an army barraks but no real army barraks looks like that. Instead it looks like a gay bath house. The guys that run my local comic shop are gay and even they said it was over the top and those two have Wonder Woman wallets. They went on to point out page 11 as well. But that page 15 had potential and kinda worked, although the visual contrast between Patrick and Luke was completely unnecessary. How about the brooding shower scene in issue 3? I get it. The senator is supposed to be Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files. But he ends up looking like PruneFace from Dick Tracy instead. This is where Ryp needs to back off the detail. He overdraws so much he's drawing in the feeling characters get when they're grabbed, punched, shot, stabbed, choked, or whatever. Look at the third page from issue 1 where Foss is jumping the fence. That's not a blood gushing grip, that's supposed to be Foss sensing the grip itself. I get it. He's building the tension through the art, but it doesn't come off like that. When I first read the comic, I thought it was blood and it madeno snese what so ever becasue he wans't bleeding from his ankle in the next frame. Point is...

You tell me that issue 6 feels nothing like the first 5, I'm gonna think it's a much needed improvement.