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Clone #3 Review


Luke goes undercover to find his wife, who is being held captive.

The Good

One of the things I didn't like about an earlier issue became something I adored in this issue as Charles, the Vice-President, struggles between voting against for or against stem cell research. If he votes against it, the whole cloning project can be buried. If he votes for stem cell research, he has a chance to help his daughter who has Parkinson's disease. This leads to a really cool scene of Charles in the shower silently contemplating the decision he has to make. There's a lot of people pushing him to either side. If he votes against it, he has a chance to further his career. What will he do? This part of this book is just as fantastic as the part featuring Luke looking for his pregnant wife.

Writer David Schulner has created a very gripping, and amazing story with a topic that usually fails: cloning. I have a lot of favorite moments from this issue, and I can't pick just one; however, the scene with Patrick and Luke in the beginning of the issue is brilliant. I love the dialogue and the story Patrick tells about Jacob and Esau and it's comparison to where Luke is at now is such a great moment in this issue. It's one you're going to reread a few times.

Juan Jose Ryp's art is dynamite on this issue in particular. In two of my favorite scenes, we get some stellar art as Ryp puts an immense amount of detail as Luke stands on a bridge with Patrick overlooking a mass grave of clones. It's a extremely cool moment, and I love the perspective. One of my other pages is another splash page featuring Luke punching another clone. I love the movement on this page, and once again, it's a great perspective for the character, as it's a lower shot and puts Luke in a dominant position, and not just because he's punching someone.

I love the ending of this issue. We seem to get an idea of what Charles may do with his vote, but nothing is set in stone, and Luke's wife gives birth. You're left with the question "What's going to happen next?" It's not a giant, shocking reveal. It's just a final page that makes you crave more of this story.

The Bad

My only real complaint on this issue was that the panel composition became a bit distracting during certain scenes. The panels overlap each other in certain areas, which I'm usually a fan of, but here, numerous times, we get about an 1/8th of an inch overlap on a few pages that actually becomes more of a distraction from the panel you're supposed to be focusing on.

The Verdict

CLONE is the comic about clones, which touches on the ethics of cloning, that sci-fi fans deserve. Sure, this "sci-fi" book is not too far off from reality, but it fits that genre, while still keeping its feet grounded in reality. Schulner and Ryp make an amazing duo here, and the story will really grip you. My only problem with this issue is the panel composition is a tad distracting from time to time.

Overall, I love this series, and it's a big contender for this month's Top of the Pile. (I gave it 5th place last month.) I highly recommend picking up this series and issue! However, start from issue one!