Comic Vine Review


CLiNT #1


The magazine returns with a second volume. There's a lot of Millar movies updates plus comics that you may or may not have seen as well as articles and interviews.

The Good

It's not often we actually review magazines here. But the nature of Mark Millar's CLiNT makes it possible. What sets this apart from past comic related magazines is we get actual comics here. We get SUPERCROOKS, REX ROYD, THE SECRET SERVICE and DEATH SENTENCE (which is exclusive to the magazine).

Millar also has several of his works in various stages of production on their way to the big screen. What better source to find out what's going on with movies for SUPERCROOKS, NEMESIS, WANTED 2 and AMERICAN JESUS?

It's not just about Millar. There's an interview with Frankie Boyle, who talks about his REX ROYD series, a feature on 20 Years of Lenore and other features. There definitely is plenty of content that could justify the price of the magazine. The question is, who is this for?

The Bad

For me, I don't buy or read magazines. The idea of including four comics is great. It could lead to more exposure for those titles as the magazine is likely to be picked up by those that might not read comics on a regular basis. Then again, because the magazine is centered on Mark Millar, they must have some familiarity with the comics.

What lowered the value for me was out of the four comics included, I had already purchased and read SUPERCROOKS and THE SECRET SERVICE. Again, because comic fans are likely to buy this because of their love for Millar, they probably have also already bought or read the comics. Next month there will be more incentive as we will get the first chapter of the upcoming HIT-GIRL comic.

The Verdict

CLiNT is back with more from the world of Mark Millar. It seems rare to find a magazine with so much comic book content these days. It's also rare to think of actually buying a magazine these days. I really like the idea of what Millar is doing. It's a great way for him to showcase his comics and movie projects. You get the information straight from the source rather than question the validity of rumors. The problem for me was of the four comics contained, I already purchased and read the two Millar ones. Fans of Millar should have already read them as well. But we do get to see some comics that Millar feels will be appealing to his fans. The articles give us a look at Frankie Boyle's REX ROYD comic as well as a look at LENORE but the "CLiNT Investigation" piece didn't appeal to me. The same could be said for the two pages of letters. Including letters is great for those that take the time to send them in but they come across as just fan letters.

Looking over their website, what would make this more appealing is if they offered a digital subscription the way some other magazines do. It's great to make comics available to those that might not be buying the single issues. This could possibly bring in more readers but most likely already buying the Mark Millar comics. If you've read the first volume, any of the issues, you know what to expect here.