Comic Vine Review


Chrononauts #3


Of course there's going to be consequences when you mess around with time travel. The guys learn that in big ways.

The Good

CHRONONAUTS is simply a blast. This is the sort of book where you can easily imagine how much fun the creators are having. Usually when we see a story dealing with time travel, a lot of precautions are taken. That hasn't been the case here. Corbin and Danny have gone all out and have been doing whatever they want. They've broken major "time travel rules" and, in some ways, it's been refreshing seeing their reckless acts and just how far they're willing to go.

Of course there will be a price to pay. The guys are still in a bit of trouble back home and have made all sorts of reasons for others to be ticked off at them. The way things have progressed so quickly has been fantastic. This feels like it's a story that could have easily been spread out over more issues but the fact that Mark Millar is cranking things up adds to the frenetic pace and excitement.

Sean Murphy keeps killing it issue after issue. The action scenes, expressions, and details in the background explode off the pages. Thank goodness Sean is a co-creator on this series because I wouldn't want to imagine someone else drawing these pages. The amount of action and constant change in time gives us so many different things for Sean to draw and readers to drool over.

How the heck is this story going to end?

The Bad

Why does this have to be a four-issue miniseries? I couldn't stop thinking about that as I was reading this issue.

The Verdict

If you're looking for a great series with insane and over the top action and adventures, you really need to be reading CHRONONAUTS. Mark Millar and Sean Murphy throw out the traditional rules about time travel and pretty much let it all hang out (just look at the cover). Sean Murphy's art is incredible. I just can't get enough of this series. It's unfortunate there's only one more issue. Hopefully we'll see more really really soon. If you're not reading this book, you need to fix that right away.