Comic Vine Review


Cataclysm #0.1 - Vision


Vision sets off into space to stop Galactus from destroying the universe

The Good

The Vision feels the only way to stop Galactus from destroying the universe is to go up there herself. Can she stop this force? The answers are all within this very emotional issue.

As far as bridging the gap between HUNGER and the upcoming main CATACLYSM story, this book does a fantastic job. It follows Vision throughout the issue, but her story collides with the end of HUNGER.

Ultimate Vision was one of my least favorite characters in the Ultimate Universe. I never understood the appeal. That being said, writer Josh Fialkov does a fantastic job with this character and story. It's compelling and incredibly emotional. I became enthralled with what was going on with a character I thought I would never truly like. It's a great journey of a woman/android who tries to understand the human concept of love for the world she came from and for the person she loves.

The dialogue between Vision and Galactus really emphasizes this, as well as the fantastic narration that takes place throughout the issue. You really get a feel for both of these characters and start to understand that while everything seems hopeless in this mini-series, it may not be.

There's two particular lines of dialogue I really want to point out. I'll black them out for those who want to remain in the dark, even though neither of them are spoilers. "Their finest, bravest warriors are our damaged, conflicted soldiers" & "You come from a reality made of might and marvels." That is the perfect way to describe the differences between the 616 and Ultimate universes. No one has put it like that, that I know of, in the years the Ultimate Universe has existed. This is a home run.

You don't have to read this issue to read CATACLYSM, at least it feels like that; however, this is a book you should read if you love Marvel and/or the Ultimate Universe. It really puts everything into perspective, and puts Ultimate fans at a bit of ease with what's been going on in their world.

The Bad

The only real problem with the issue is the fact three different artists worked on it, and there's really no reason, storywise, for it. Mico Suayan, Mirco Pierfederici, and Leonard Kirk all work on this book. Individually, their styles are all great, in their own right, but together, in the same book the switch is a little distracting. The way faces are drawn and inking styles seem to be the most noticeable. It's not a big deal though.

The Verdict

Sometimes, a story is just so dang good that you can overlook some minor problems. CATACLYSM #0.1 is a very emotional story which is a great bridge between two story lines. It's pretty rare that an issue can evoke real emotion from a reader, and this issue nails that. Fialkov has a lot of love for these characters and this universe and it really shows here. While the art switch became a tad distracting, even though all three artists were great on their own, this story was just so appealing to me as an Ultimate fan. If this issue doesn't get you excited for CATACLYSM, check your pulse because you're probably dead.