Comic Vine Review


Captain Marvel #9


The latest issue of her self titled series gives readers a peek at what a day in the life of Captain Marvel would be like.

The Good

The first thing that struck me was the stunning, I really liked the layout and the perspective of it. There is so much about this issue that I absolutely loved. I think that one of the things that writer Kelly Sue DeConnick does really well is capture the balance between Carol Danvers the superheroine and Carol Danvers the sort-of-ordinary girl who is just trying to live her life as normally as she can. Yet, being a superheroine makes that a bit challenging.

When Carol starts her day off with a message from Tony Stark, she quickly realizes that being an Avenger means that she is going to have to sacrifice her own, private life a little bit. This issue really focuses on that; how the life of a hero working to save the planet is no longer his or her own. Beyond the fact that we get to see Carol's day-to-day activities in this issue, this comic isn't a "filler" or a "throw-away" issue. By the time readers reach the end of the book they will notice that big things are going to be happening to Carol Danvers, and that's part of what makes this interesting.

Although some people may not like the abstractness of the art in this comic, I for one really enjoyed it and felt it was one of the things I enjoyed the most out of this issue. I think it really meshed will with this issue. The style gives the issue a sort of sweet fantasy feel.

The Bad

Nothing bad here, one of the better CAPTAIN MARVEL issues I have read.

The Verdict

I think the way that DeConnick is setting up the story and the narrative she uses is really perfect. There's a clear idea of who Captain Marvel is beyond the basics of "she's an Air Force pilot turned superheroine" that makes this an interesting read. As fantastic as the story is (Dinosaurs in Times Square!) DeConnick still manages to ground the character and make her feel real in a way that is very interesting. This is a great jumping on point if you haven't yet given this series a chance, too. Great art, a beautifully written story and a serious cliff-hanger make this a fantastic read.