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Captain Marvel #16 - Kiss Today Goodbye Part 2 of 2


Captain Marvel isn't sorry for anything...except for kicking butt harder than you can.

The Good

As always, the stakes are super high for Carol Danvers & Co. -- this time, we're in the middle of the INFINITY event, facing the ultra-powerful Builders, and things are looking dire. Captain Marvel has a chance to tap into a power set she once used -- the one she had when she was called Binary.

Not super familiar with Binary's power set? Don't worry -- Captain Marvel gives us a quick bit of exposition (under the umbrella of her own memory loss/"looking at files"), and you can stay up-to-speed for the duration of the book and revisit Binary later on if you want to see more. In this case, the resurgence of this power set is directly linked to the Singularity (specifically, her proximity to it), and it's entirely possible that Carol could go nuclear.

Thankfully, the nuclear option isn't necessary this issue, but that doesn't mean we don't get to see some of the cooler aspects of the Binary power set -- including Captain Marvel's stunning efficiency and ability to tap into the energy of everything. It's a beautiful, high-powered dance, narrated by Carol's inner monologue (always a treat; these tend to have the force and rallying ability of a military march, but come through in Carol's own voice). Her energy-centered powers expand so far that they become psychic-adjacent, which absolutely comes in handy. Also coming in handy: other Avenger teammates, joining forces to help out.

I've mentioned before that I adore Kelly Sue DeConnick's ability to find each character's voice and make them feel unique and just-right even in crazy scenarios like a giant battle in space -- this issue is no exception, and I feel that Carol, Jessica, Clint, et al are all perfectly on-point. Especially wonderful are the exchanges between Carol and Jess; this is quickly becoming one of my favorite comic friendships, because both characters are so genuine, flaws and all.

The Bad

Event beef #1: I miss when Captain Marvel got to have stories that weren't part of crossovers. I get that she's an Avenger, but she's got her own stuff going on, too.

Event beef #2: Out of the entire universe...Earth is the target of destruction? Surely, there's something else worth having a grand, galactic battle over. It makes the stakes high for the Avengers (and readers, I suppose), but isolating our little rock -- out of everything else in space -- seems a bit scripted.

The Verdict

While I prefer my CAPTAIN MARVEL as a solo series rather than a constant player in crossover events, INFINITY has been a great opportunity for Carol to step up, front and center, and show what she's capable of. We've gotten to see her exercise incredible power, and also make some tough decisions. Ever the soldier, she's prepared to sacrifice it all when her planet's at stake -- luckily, she didn't have to this time.