Comic Vine Review


Captain Atom #1 - Evolution of the Species


J.T. Krul and Freddie Williams II come together in this new series. What's going on with Captain Atom's powers? Can he die from using them?

Captain Atom gets all atomic with JT Krul writing, Freddie Williams II on art, and Jose Villarrubia on colors.

The Good

I love how Freddie Williams draws Captain Atom. It has a lot of the same style Francis Manapul uses in his books: no inks, and what looks like to be some type of water colors? Ok, so I might not know my mediums incredibly well, but I love how Captain Atom comes off on the page. There's a splash page towards the back that's really cool of Captain Atom flying away, and it's incredibly smooth, soft, and vibrant.

Captain Atom's powers are accelerating, and I may not know exactly what his powers are because this is my first Captain Atom book, but I love the idea of every use of his powers could be his last. Aside from that, his powers are pretty cool. Everything, story and character-wise, that revolved around Captain Atom was excellent. I love that he puts his own well being on the line, just to save lives. He's completely selfless.

The Bad

While I may have loved how Captain Atom was drawn, the rest of the art ranged from "just ok" to " that's awful." Over anything else, it was two distinct styles clashing that really bugged me out. Everything that wasn't Captain Atom had an old EC Horror comic feel to it, and it really hindered my enjoyment of the book.

The Verdict

Overall it's a good book and Captain Atom is a great character with amazingly cool abilities. I'll be reading the next few issues of this one for sure, especially if we keep going deeper into Captain Atom's powers. While I liked how Captain Atom was drawn, I did not like the rest of the art. It was two very distinct styles clashing. I'm excited to see the next few issues of this book, and I give this a mild recommendation.