Comic Vine Review


Captain America: Steve Rogers #1


Steve Rogers is back as Captain America and everyone is talking about it!

The moment we've been waiting for is officially here. Back in 2014's The Iron Nail arc, Steve Rogers lost the Super Soldier Serum in his body and became old. Sam Wilson took over the mantle. Now that Steve has returned to his prime during the Avengers Standoff event, things should be back to normal, right?

Nick Spencer takes an interesting approach with the title. We see more on Steve's childhood, something Rick Remender also recently touched on a previous volume. Along with this part of the story, we see Cap today, working with Sharon Carter and Rick Jones along with Jack Flag and Free Spirit in the field. While fighting against a new-ish incarnation of HYDRA, it's a nice new direction with a feeling different from past issues. This in itself isn't a defining moment for Captain America. The twist is at the end.

Jesus Saiz's art works well here. There's a nice contrast between the flashback scenes and the present day. Characters and villains have some tweaks to their looks. There's also a nice mix with action scenes and regular interaction between the characters.

The real eye-opener is in the ending. Captain America reveals he's aligned with HYDRA. Maybe. This is something that has upset some fans. Clearly this is just the beginning of a new story. We've seen big and crazy twists before. Spencer has proven himself as a writer before. We'll have to wait and see where this development takes us. It may not be something Captain America fans want to see, but it's not the first time we've seen a shocking twists that plays a role in a bigger story. I may not like it myself, but I am definitely coming back to see what happens next.

Steve Rogers is back as Captain America. He has a new costume, a new shield, and has a sort of new supporting cast. Spencer and Jesus Saiz are working great together. The issue starts out as a standard Cap story, but then takes a huge turn at the end. This is what makes comic books fun and exciting. We can't have the same old stories over and over again. This book will definitely grabbed your attention.