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Captain America #6 - Powerless, Part 1


Ed Brubaker, Alan Davis and Mark Farmer on Captain America? What more could you ask for? How about some Hawkeye as well? Holy crap is this going to be fun.

It's a big week for Captain America as we're seeing three incredible issues released on the same day. But the inclusion of Davis and Farmer on this arc has me smiling like a little kid in a candy shop.

The Good

I may have mentioned it once or twice (or every chance I get) but I really dig Alan Davis' art. he is clearly one of my top favorite artists. What I fail to mention is Mark Farmer's contribution. He is a great artist in his own right and his inking combination with Davis' pencils is always a treat for me.

Brubaker has taken Cap on a wild ride in the first five issues of this series. The great thing is even though that arc is over, there's still some mention and definite repercussions. Too often other stories feel they're becoming self-contained arcs to possibly accommodate the inevitable collection in trade paperback. The stage is set for the next arc and with a title like "Powerless," you can't help but be a little concerned for what exactly that could mean.

In addition to Davis and Farmer's art, Laura Martin's colors along with the inclusion of some old Cap foes really gives this a classic feel. Brubaker and McNiven have been giving us a trippy ride but this definitely feels like a different direction.

Along with some classic villains, we also get to see some great supporting characters with Sharon Carter, Hawkeye and even Iron Man. This is definitely Cap's book and the use of the other major characters doesn't take the spotlight away from him but actually enhances the story. The ending wasn't exactly what I was expecting but the presentation is completely sells it all.

The Bad

Is it possible to have too much Captain America in one week. Not really but I hope Cap fans aren't on too tight of a comic buying budget this week and don't miss out on any of the issues.

If there's anything to complain about (and there really isn't), it's the tiny lack of Captain America/superhero fighting. We see some action in Cap's dream but not as much as there is in the 'real world.' It's all acceptable as this is the first part of a new arc and there is still enough action to keep the story fast paced.

The Verdict

Captain America fans can rejoice with having so many Cap issues out this week along with Alan Davis and Mark Farmer handling the art duties here. Davis' pencils manage to channel a classic feel while having a modern touch at the same time. The art is so completely crisp and clean that you can fully see and appreciate all the details and punches thrown in each panel. As a big Captain America and Alan Davis fan, this issue has almost everything I could ask for. There was some nice action but I would have enjoyed a little bit more. As the first issue of a new arc, we would expect there to be a little downtime after the previous one. But with Davis and Farmer, I want to see more big Cap action and less Cap-fighting-normal-people. Although with the way the issue ends, Cap might wish otherwise. It's a good jumping on point. Cap's going to have a lot to deal with. It's great that Brubaker is subtly incorporating the use of other Avengers to give this book enough of a feel to having ties to the other Avengers book but not too much that it feels bogged down by all of them. The last arc was pretty trippy and this one seems like it will be as well.