Comic Vine Review


Captain America #12 - Shock to the System, Pt. 2


Get ready for some suspense, heavy duty action and not one, but two crazy twists. This is Captain America on a mission. Brubaker and Zircher are unleashing the Captain America action here.

There's a new Scourge killing villains that have turned over evidence in return for their safety in the Witness Protection Program. When someone close to Cap is injured, the bad guys better watch out.

The Good

Man oh man, this is what I like in my Captain America comics. I've been a huge fan of Ed Brubaker's CAPTAIN AMERICA but he's taking the series to a different place. This issue and the previous almost feel like they're part of a different series. A small part might be Patrick Zircher's grittier art style but there's just so much I enjoyed here.

I started reading Cap right before his final showdown with Red Skull in issue #300. Shortly after that we had the Scourge storylines and the relationship with Diamonback. Seeing them back here along with Dum Dum has added a different vibe to the book. Having former villains actually being killed amps up the intensity as well. Last issue gave us a big mystery and now we get some answers. Part of me really doesn't like those answers but I can't help but be in awe after reading what Brubaker has planned.

The shocks/reveals are almost heartbreaking. This could be due to my long time reading the characters. I hope newer readers can appreciate the scope of what Brubaker is doing here. I want to shake my fist at him but I'm so enthralled with the story I can't help but eagerly await the next issue.

Zircher's art is great. Seeing a pissed off Cap take on HYDRA agents is golden. There's a lot of shadows and the colors that Paul Mounts uses really creates the perfect vibe.

The Bad

I want more of this.

The Verdict

Someone needs to make sure Ed Brubaker continues to stay on CAPTAIN AMERICA. Cap's dealing with a serious situation as a new Scourge is killing villains that have entered the Witness Protection Program. Throw in the fact that Diamondback has a tie to this killer and was injured herself, Cap has become more focused (in other words, he's kicking a lot of butt). Zircher's art and Mounts colors makes the dark story more intense. There are two big reveals here that could anger and excite long time readers. This issue made me happy to be such a big Captain America fan.