Comic Vine Review


Bravest Warriors #1 - Untitled; Laser Sunday


From the mind of Pendleton Ward, creator of ADVENTURE TIME, this space adventure delivers exactly what you would want and expect.

The Good

If you're a fan of ADVENTURE TIME, there's no questioning whether or not you should check this out. Let's be clear, it has nothing to do with ADVENTURE TIME and that world Pendleton Ward created. What we do get four 16-year-old "heroes-for-hire" whose adventures in space. If it looks too 'cute' for you, you'll discover on the first page they were hired by a banana-shaped alien to solve their civilization's problem of gender inequality. That's right, they need to solve sexism. And they do in only the way these warriors could.

I had heard a little about Bravest Warriors as an upcoming animated show. I wasn't sure if I had already missed it but it turns out it will appear online. You get a complete introduction to each character and immediately discover the dynamic among the team members.

In the vein of ADVENTURE TIME, there is plenty of humor to be found. Whether or not you share this comic with the younger comic readers in your family is up to you. One line I found ridiculously funny was as they were having some downtime and preparing to watch a scary movie.

I hope none of you are pregnant, because this movie will scare the baby right out of you. And then you'll have a baby that you have to feed and give up your dreams for.

It's so wrong yet it's stuff like this we don't get to see or read all the time. You should find yourself chuckling or smiling as the events unfold.

The art is also what part of the fun. We have that ADVENTURE TIME feel even though it's a completely different cast of characters and settings. It adds a certain sort of charm and fun to the story. The back up story is a self contained one but also adds to the fun of the title.

The Bad

As a title under the Kaboom! banner, I would think it'd be an all age title. There isn't anything absolutely inappropriate but you will want to check it out and judge for yourself before sharing with the younger readers in your life.

We're off to a great start. It does have a slightly similar feel to ADVENTURE TIME with the characters strongly believing that adventures (or missions) is what life is all about. Provided the laughs and adventure can maintain a certain quality, this should be another title to check out each month.

The Verdict

Get ready for adventures set in outer space. Based on the upcoming web animated series by Pendelton Ward, you can expect plenty of zany adventures and laughs when these teenage warriors set out to tackle absurd missions. We get a great introduction to the team and you can see the potential lying within the pages. As part of Kaboom!, Boom! Studios kids line, I'm not sure if it's completely an all age title. There isn't anything inappropriate but you might find yourself explaining the idea of Sexism to young readers. This series is set to deliver the kind of laughs and adventures we don't get to see in may comics and it has become a welcome addition to my pull list.