Comic Vine Review


Book Smart #1


What happens when a woman wakes up with amnesia, has people trying to kill her and discovers she can kick all sorts of ass? The answer might not be what you'd expect. A complete story from the minds of Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

What happens when a woman loses her memories but is being hunted by killers? Thankfully she possesses the skills to survive as she tries to figure out who she was.

The Good

I love long running comic series. There is something about the longevity of a character and being able to go back and read old stories. There is also something to be said about new and self contained stories. It's not often a comic book has the opportunity to offer a beginning and an end to the story. With Book Smart from Kickstart comics, that's what we get.

The idea of a character getting amnesia but having access to ass-kicking skills might sound a little familiar but it's that mystery and suspense that adds to the story. We have no idea what the character's story or motivation was at the beginning. As she tries to figure out who she is and avoid the attempts on her life by the mysterious bad guys, we sort of become part of the mystery. We're right there with her, not knowing what the next page will hold.

The Bad

A woman gets amnesia but can kick everyone's ass. Lucky for her, she gets set up with an American teacher in Nepal that is able to hold his own when they're attacked by armed thugs. He also happens to be a good pickpocket and what do you think the chances are of the two developing an attraction towards each other?

You have to have a good villain to move the story along. The one we have here has several opportunities to show us just how evil he can be. There were times when his dialogue came across as a little cheesy. And throughout the story when we don't know what the big mystery is, it's hard to understand what his motivation is, besides a possible hunger for wealth or power.

The Verdict

The great thing about the Kickstart books is you get a complete story for a reasonable price. Long running comics are great but having a story with a beginning and an end is a nice change of pace. The story dealing with an amnesiac woman waking up in Nepal with killers after her and uncanny abilities to defend herself almost gives the impression you know where the story is going to end. I'll admit I was a little concerned while reading but I should have known better and put my trust in the fact that the book was written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Without spoiling anything, there are twists that won't see coming. It's a fun read. The twist is a nice one and the book can be read by anyone without having to worry about years of continuity.