Comic Vine Review


Bloodshot #8


The young harbingers are free and Chainsaw is still after Bloodshot. Things are about to get real ugly in Project Rising Spirit's facility.

The Good  

Writer Duane Swierczynski has taken an incredibly simple concept (victim of a shady government operation that just wants to know about his past and get revenge) and given it so much life. Technically speaking, BLOODSHOT really doesn't bring anything new to the table, it just does everything in an exceptionally energetic, engaging and oh-so bloody fashion.  
The dark government agency has a twisted agenda and an even more twisted cast on its payroll. Gamma and Chainsaw are seriously disturbing characters that bring so much energy to the panels -- it's just a shame they probably won't be around too much longer. Although, I can't help but wonder if the Chainsaw Commander will play a bigger role after that unexpected and interesting twist with the character. Who woulda thought you'd feel sympathetic for someone on that distorted team?  

Artist Manuel Garcia and colorist Ian Hannin make an excellent team with this one. From the gross details on Gamma's face to the sinister look in the Harbinger's eyes as the floor deteriorates, it's a fine looking book. And in true Bloodshot fashion, there is indeed a character killed and it's done in a way that would please an entire coliseum of bloodthirsty viewers. 

The Bad 

It's a very quick read, so if you're behind on the series, I'd recommend waiting for the latest TPB. It'll probably be a more satisfying read for you that way.

The Verdict  

BLOODSHOT continues to prove why it's my my go-to source for popcorn entertainment. This is yet another issue that's filled with shocking action, solid visuals and an overall narrative that's steadily inching along.  
Is it a flawless book? No, of course not, but when I give this book 5 stars it's for the simple fact that I do indeed love each reading experience with it. There's no glaring issues with the plot (at least none that I immediately picked up), nothing jarring with the artwork and it's so entertaining that I'm sure many will also overlook the fact that technically nothing big happened in this issue. That said, it is leading to something quite big -- HARBINGER WARS!  The stage is slowly being set for this first crossover event and I'm really, really, really excited to see how it'll all play out. GO TEAM BLOODSHOT!