Comic Vine Review


BlackAcre #1


In a future world where society has taken different directions, a soldier sent on a mission to the world outside the wall may not be what he expected.

The Good

There is always a liberating feeling of reading a brand new comic series. You don't have to worry about loads of continuity as you are introduced to a new comic book world. In this look at a future world, we find out how society has fallen and progressed in different factions. These types of scenarios always make you wonder what our own future may hold.

In this story we do get a look at the different aspects of society as a result of the downfall of man. As you would expect, some areas have managed to survive out of greed and corruption. Knowing that a clash may be coming sets up the story as a retired soldier has been given the task of going out to try to locate one of their own.

The Bad

Even though it's the first issue for a brand new series, six pages for a prologue felt a bit excessive. We're literally getting a lecture on how the world came to the state it is in this time period. It's important to get this information but this was just too much.

As we see different areas and different individuals, you're not quite sure how they'll all come together. A random person is attacked and killed and the mention of a holy war didn't do anything to make me excited or curious about what was going on. All the different factions going against each other was just a bit too much. Being the first issue, it was hard to have a lot of interest in what might come next having no attachment to any of the characters.

The Verdict

Stories about future worlds can always be a fun and interesting read. With a brand new series, you don't have to worry about prior continuity or information in order to jump right in. The good and bad thing is we are given a history lesson on how the world came to its current state. This takes place over six pages. Six pages of a man giving a lecture. Later we see people attacking others and then get attacked themselves. It's setting up a dreary area where our main character will have to venture but at this point, it's a little difficult to get invested. There is some promise in how the different classes will clash in the story but the next issue could determine whether or not this will be a series I stick with.