Comic Vine Review


Birthright #8


Rya has come to Earth and she's pregnant.

The Good

The last issue left readers with quite the cliffhanger, as Becca shot Brennan, as he and Mikey broke into the store to try and grab a few Terrenos weapons that happened to be there. The issue really revolves around the "clicking clock" story as Becca and Mikey need to heal Brennan. However, there's this whole thing where they can't go to a hospital because the police are after Brennan.

In addition to that, if that wasn't enough, a force from Terranos is on Earth and also after Mikey because of the whole "God King Lore" thing. It seems like a pretty big force and one that Mikey might not be able to win. Also, Rya is there and looking for Mikey as well. He's quite the popular guy, for better or for worse.

The flashback sequences of Rya and Mikey on Terranos really help flesh out the issue as a whole and is a nice break from the present day action and madness. Writer Joshua Williamson really balances the issue incredibly well and delivering numerous story-lines in one sitting. This all leads to one fantastic moment that will have readers dying to see the next issue and it actually comes a few pages before the reveal page. I'm not going to spoil it here, but it may lead to something pretty insane, if what we're lead to believe is actually true.

Per usual, the art coming from Andrei Bressan and colorist Adriano Lucas is pretty fantastic in every way. The way Terranos bled into Earth was pretty cool here and the creature designs are always stand-out portions of each issue. Lucas does some downright amazing colorwork on this issue, especially during those previously mentioned scenes.

The Bad

While there's a lot going on with this book and this issue, there's lots of dangling threads going on and the issue doesn't pay off as well as it should. While that seems like a big complaint, it's not something that becomes insanely frustrating throughout the read, but something the more impatient readers will have a problem dealing with.

The Verdict

BIRTHRIGHT continues to be a stand-out series that delivers a fantastic fantasy story. There is a lot going on in this issue and it moves by quick. There's lots of questions posed by Williamson, for the reader, here and that's what keeps readers coming back to this book. If you haven't gotten around to checking out BIRTHRIGHT, you really need to especially if you like fantasy books or even fantasy films from the 80s and 90s. This is a series that needs to be on your pull list.