Comic Vine Review


Birds of Prey #0 - First Flight


See the action packed event that made this trio join forces.

The Good

As someone who is unfamiliar with Birds of Prey, I really appreciate how well Duane Swierczynski wrapped up the group's formation in one concise and energetic story. The adventure moves at an effective pace, never truly slowing down as Black Canary takes center stage in her undercover investigation. We get bits and pieces throughout the read to give us a better idea of the main 3 characters, but ultimately this issue focuses on the origin of the team and not the individuals.

The pencil work by Romano Molenaar is more than able, especially when it comes to being able to deliver the impact behind a kick or punch. Little things -- like having a ring ripping off of Turaco after a haymaker from Dinah -- really helped immerse me in the scene. Side note: I'm pretty sure Turaco exists solely to get struck in the face. Also, there's a fantastic panel of the canary cry being used over a body of water.

The Bad

The #0 issues should be exceptionally friendly to new readers. While it was nice to see how the team came together, this issue left me with quite a few questions surrounding the characters. This origin issue remarked on Dinah's past (and relationship) quite frequently, but never went into any firm details. I felt left in the dark as Dinah had a vague internal thought or two about the man she loved and her dark past. The cliffhanger didn't help with my lack of knowledge either, seeing as it focuses around an individual discussed in minor detail.


Birds of Prey's zero issue is worth checking out if you're already a fan of the title or want to learn more about the female squad. It's a thoroughly entertaining read and provides the basics to keep a firm grip on your interest. I would have liked a little more detail on the history of each character, but despite this it managed to make me want more and because of this I'll be adding it to my pull list.