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Betty & Veronica #1 - Why Can't We Be Friends?


Get ready to see Betty and Veronica in a new light as Adam Hughes and Archie Comics launch a new series.

Betty and Veronica have been friends and enemies for decades. With the recent relaunch series from Archie Comics, we're getting to meet the gang from Riverdale for the first time all over again. With Adam Hughes writing and drawing Betty and Veronica, we're definitely getting a different look at Archie and friends.

The opening page shows the two titular characters going at it. Going back a little, we get to see the events leading up this epic skirmish. As in past stories, Betty and Veronica are not always at each other's throats. They actually get along at moments, and Hughes showcases the essence of who these characters are today. They all still feel like the classic versions you may or may not have read before, but they also have a modern tweak to them. There may be less action than you might expect or hope for, but Hughes beautifully captures the interactions between all the characters.

Speaking of beautiful, Hughes knocks it out of the park in the art department. You really couldn't expect any less from him. It might feel a little odd at first seeing the characters transformed this way. Still, with the current Archie and Jughead comics, we should all be used to see the updated and modern versions.

The choice of the narrator in the comic is a little weird. It does add a nice quirkiness to the book and should bring a smile to your face. The comic may have more of a realistic look than readers might be used to so this is a great way to keep the vibe in check.

My daughter is a longtime and hardcore Archie fan. It can be said she's been reading Archie comics pretty much her entire life. With the recent books, she was a little reluctant to the changes in design at first but has completely embraced them. With Betty and Veronica, she told me she really likes the issue and the characters look like teenagers. In her opinion, they still feel like the characters she's used to reading.

Betty and Veronica is a comic everyone can jump into. If you've never read an Archie book before and are here for Adam Hughes writing and art, you'll get a great sense of who they are. Hughes isn't just writing the book, he's writing the characters. We get to see a day in their life along with how they interact and get along with each other. Along with the gorgeous art, there's plenty of substance to show us what Riverdale is like for these kids. My daughter can be one of the toughest critics I know, and she completely approves of this book. If all that wasn't enough, there's even a classic story that should bring a smile to your face. Archie comics are continuing to evolve and this new relaunch series is another success for the publisher.