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Before Watchmen: Minutemen #5 - The Minute of Truth, Chapter Five: The Demon Core; The Curse of the Crimson Corsair: Wide Were His Dragon Wings, Part Seven


Hollis Mason gets one step closer to solving the mystery that has plagued him since the death of Silhouette.

The Good

When I say that Darwyn Cooke has truly made the Minutemen characters his own I am referring to the fact that he, more than any other creator on any of DC's BEFORE WATCHMEN series has managed to really tell a story quite like he has. The way that Cooke took them and molded them based on the very little we saw of these characters and their respective personalities in the WATCHMEN series by Alan Moore is absolutely incredible. And while Alan Moore may have created the shell of Hollis Mason and many of these characters, it is Darwyn that filled in the blanks and gave Mason new life. The way the character is written, the way he tells his story; it's all just absolutely beautiful.

The issue highlights one of the few moments in the history of the Minutemen where the team came together to solve an actual, life-threatening problem. The story also focuses on the fact that although a person can be a hero, and do something heroic, that won't make them a hero. It's a very sad and very poignant realization made by Hollis in this issue. Yet, it's really beautifully done.

Again, the dialogue is brilliant. The characters seem to come alive on the pages of this comic in a really beautiful way. If there is one thing Cooke has done exceptionally well it is that he's manages to truly capture the respective voices of each of these characters, but very specifically, Hollis Mason's. The way Cooke writes Hollis makes him an absolute joy to read.

The Bad

I loved this issue and found there to be nothing wrong with it. Definitely one of the best comics out this week.

The Verdict

There is a lot that happens in this issue, and there is definitely more than one story being told. Cooke calls back to the moments that led up to Ursula's death and the case she had been working on. That case that was initially introduced at the start of this series is very close to being solved, but it's done so in a really great way. The writing is superb and the dialogue fantastic. The story is organized very well and the art is, as always, complimentary to the story. The ending will leave you on the edge of your seat. This issue is, by far, one of the best comics out this week.


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I'm really enjoying this miniseries. Darwyn Cooke is really one of the best talents out there for this kind of old-fashioned yet incredibly dark story both in terms of writing and art.

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I absolutely love what Darwyn has done with Hollis, and he has by and large made Hollis one of my favorite characters.