Comic Vine Review


Bedlam #2 - Chapter 2: Everybody Wins


There's a new threat that has risen. What does this have to do with Madder Red? Get ready for a trippy ride courtesy of Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo.

The Good

Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo created a fascinating and dark world in the first issue of BEDLAM. We were introduced to Madder Red, a villain with a truly evil and vile nature. With an interesting twist, we were left wondering what the possible future of this character would be.

With the second issue, it's clear that there are other evils in this world. We can assume this is leading to a confrontation that will be brutal and over the top. It's great to see dark themes depicted without a feeling of being gratuitous. Rossmo's art nicely sets everything up.

Spencer moves the story along as we find out what Madder Red is doing after the time that has passed in the first issue. It's almost as if you're watching an accident waiting to happen. You want to turn away but you become mesmerized in wanting to see what will actually happen.

The Bad

We don't have the same shocking feeling from the first issue. That's not necessarily a bad thing as it is important to get character development as well as big grand moments.

The opening was a little odd at first as we're introduced to a couple new characters and you have no idea who they are until later events. There is still a lot we need to find out about what happened to Madder Red as well. We're getting more pieces of the picture and you'll definitely want to re-read the scenes with him and the doctor after reading future issues.

The Verdict

There is something refreshing and liberating being able to read a comic that isn't tied down to loads of continuity and other titles. There isn't anything wrong with those comics but having a single comic and characters to worry and focus on is great. Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo are creating a great and interesting new dark world. We don't have all the pieces to the puzzle but we're finding out more about the characters as well as seeing some set up for what's to come. Rossmo's art and Spencer's script sends you on a dark and creepy trip but it's one you'll want to go on. We don't get quite the shocking moments as in the first issue but there are some here that will make you cringe. Be sure to track down the first issue if you haven't read it yet and prepare yourself for a crazy ride.