Comic Vine Review


Batwoman #8 - To Drown the World, Part Three


Has BATWOMAN lost it's luster, or can she regain traction in this week's issue?

The Good

How cool is Sune in this issue? I have to say I did not at all expect what happened on that last page to happen in this issue. Pretty crazy. I think that the pacing of the relationship between Kate and Agent Sawyer is perfect. Every couple has their troubles, but you can see the relationship really on the rocks here: as it probably should be. I also want to note that this is a relationship that the creative team has really made me care about, which is why seeing them struggle feels so interesting and real.

I'm a fan of Amy Reeder and while I like her on this book, her style is just so different from J.H. Williams'. Reeder really does a great job capturing the emotions of the characters in her panels, and that's something I really appreciated; particularly considering the gruesome events of this book.

I really admired the way that the writers used subtleties in the dialogue to reveal the heinous crimes committed by Maro. There is some really awesome dialogue between the characters in this issue.

The Bad

I have to say, I'm really not a fan of all this jumping around. The issue, once again, feels disorganized because you are constantly skipping from the present, to a month in the past, to a week ago, and so on and so forth. It doesn't really feel altogether that cohesive, either, which is why it's so difficult to read. You'll be asking yourself "okay, why are we here at this moment?" The overall layout of the book is confusing and it's been that way for several issues now. Maybe I am being picky, but I feel that flashbacks are best used in a comic when the writer is really trying to bring home a point -- to emphasize something. Here I'm just a little bit lost and confused.

The Verdict

Great dialogue and great story, but it feels really disorganized because of all the jumping around. I still enjoy Batwoman, but it's no longer a book I find myself edge-of-my-seat excited about.