Comic Vine Review


Batwoman #7 - To Drown the World, Part Two


Batwoman might just be getting used to her new position with the DEO but she's going to need all the help she can get when faced against several of her enemies.

The Good

Art has always been a huge part of this series. People don't like when someone else steps in but I'm digging Amy Reeder's style here. It is very different from J.H. Williams III but that is okay. Guy Major's colors also adds a different feel that really complements the art. l always found it a little odd how white Batwoman is colored but when out of costume, it's not as striking here as we've seen in past issues.

The story is split up a little allowing us to see the different players as we see all the pieces come together. Seeing characters/villains from past issues is nice as it further builds up Batwoman's mythos. There is a lot going on and it gives the story and book a bigger feel. Normally an issue will focus just on the main character but it's nice to what happens with the other supporting characters or villains during the times they aren't directly involved with Batwoman.

The Bad

Something sits wrong with me over Batwoman being forced to be part of the DEO. Tying her to the group makes her have to answer to others rather than fight the battles as she sees fit. She's constantly being threatened with having her father locked up and that's something that has already gotten old. This working relationship does give her access to a lot of new gear but that too feels as if it's changing who Batwoman was before.

We do see several of Batwoman's enemies but most of them I don't find that appealing. Her mystical enemies have always played a big part in her story, especially when we saw the Religion of Crime. I can't help but wonder if Batwoman's time with the DEO will help them defeat the Medusa organization and if so, what will happen after that.

I've always found the Batwoman character fascinating but there's a feeling that something is missing in this arc. I mentioned it was nice to see the different characters separately but we had a lot of jumping around in different times (now, three weeks ago, two weeks ago, two months ago, etc) that messes the flow of the story.

The Verdict

Batwoman's going through some changes and it isn't just with the art. We got used to J.H. Williams III's art but I do enjoy the combination of Amy Reeder's pencils along with Guy Major's colors. The vibrant nature of it makes the pages almost crackle with energy. (Apparently Reeder will not be working on some upcoming issues as planned). I can appreciate the new direction the series can take with Batwoman being part of the DEO but it feels contrary to what I enjoyed about her in the beginning. This clearly sets up a conflict in the story and there are some advantages to being allied with them but I'll be watching with a close eye. In some ways it feels as if a firm direction for Batwoman is needed. She has some villains of her own but some of them just don't do it for me. I am getting intrigued with where this story will go but I am a little concerned as I felt something was missing.