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Batwoman #6 - To Drown the World, Part One


Readers get clued into the mystery behind the "weeping woman" in the latest issue of Batwoman.

The Good

Five issues into the series and we still don't know a whole heck of a lot about the Weeping Woman who had kidnapped children -- up until this issue, we were led to believe the children were killed. Issue six finally delves deeper into the story of the Weeping Woman and the conspiracy behind this mysterious character. Readers will find that not everything is what it seems and that there very well may be an even greater plot at hand, making this "weeping woman" simply a cover to a much more sinister plot. J.H. Williams and Haden Blackman return to script the issue, but unlike the previous books this particular issue is penciled by artist Amy Reeder. While Williams' work on this book has been unparalleled the previous five issues, Amy Reeder definitely delivers, taking a more traditional approach to the art in this comic book.

The Bad

This issue jumps around a lot from the present to several weeks in the past and acts as a sort of "recap" of what has previously taken place in the story. While in some cases this can be a good technique, here it feels like a filler issue. If you have been following the story then a lot of what happens in this issue feels unnecessary.

The Verdict

This is definitely a pretty book. If you haven't been reading BATWOMAN from the release of the first issue, or feel like you want to be caught up on what has happened so far then you will definitely want to pick this up; otherwise it does seem like the creative team is simply going over what has already happened in previous issues. The two most important parts are the reveal of the people behind the Weeping Woman and the moment that solidifies Kate's cooperation with Cameron Chase and the D.E.O. Other than that, this issue doesn't feel terribly important or necessary to the progression of the plot, although it is great to see Amy Reeder's take on BATWOMAN and she definitely did a fantastic job.