Comic Vine Review


Batwoman #4 - Hydrology, Part 4: Estuary


Flamebird takes on more than she can handle and places Kate Kane in a considerable amount of danger in the fourth issue of this ongoing series.

The Good

BATWOMAN continues to be a series I look forward to every month. Few mainstream comic titles have panel layouts that are as breathtaking as the ones present in this series. This issue is no different. I would consider this to be one of the raciest issues I have read in a long time -- Williams and Blackman don't hesitate to delve into Kate's sexuality and the sexual relationship between Batwoman and the GCPD Detective. Although the scenes are executed in a subtle way, they are still incredibly graphic indicating that while something is subtle, that doesn't necessarily mean it can't be sexual. The parallel between one character's pleasure (Kate) and another character's pain (Flamebird) occurring simultaneously is pretty powerful, albeit a little bit uncomfortable to read.

Once again, Williams uses colors to help tell his story and set the mood. If the scene is dreary, the wash is different; darker and opaque. Scenes where the mood is positive are brighter, the wash is different. It's very interesting, and a unique way to tell the story.

Agent Chase is one character you absolutely do not want to mess with. She has a clear goal and absolutely no problem sacrificing anyone who gets in her way if it means she would get closer to her goal. She wants to find Batwoman's identity and will do everything in her power to obtain it.

Williams and Blackman continue to craft an absolutely gorgeous, dark crime drama that will have you at the edge of your seat. This is the best issue yet.

The Bad

An edge of your seat thriller that will not disappoint. My only complaint is with the rating of the book. I felt that the rating of the comic did not match the mature concepts that are presented in the story.

The Verdict

I absoluely adored this issue and thought it was one of the best thus far. The romantic scene between Kate and the Detective, while graphic, was tastefully executed. The art is absolutely stunning and the layout of the issue itself was brilliant. In an effort to prove to both herself as well as Kate that she is capable, Flamebird places herself in a tremendous amount of danger at the start of this issue and it will be interesting to see if she makes it back in one piece.

The creative team hasn't forgotten that Kate needs to do some detective work as Batwoman, as well, and it's nice to see her portrayed as this incredibly smart and thought provoking character. Not very new reader friendly, I would definitely recommend picking up the previous three issues. Another breathtaking issue by Williams and Blackman, I absolutely cannot wait for the next issue.