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Batwoman #2 - Hydrology, Part 2: Infiltration


Batwoman splits her time between fighting crime, doing serious detective work and thwarting off a suspicious D.E.O. Agent in issue #2, but will she succeed or will she drown?

Things are heating up for Batwoman both in her costumed life and on a personal level, but will she be able to handle it all?

The Good

When a comic is written to be extremely accessible to new readers, yet manages to make references to concepts and situations we have seen before (to the delight of veteran readers/die hard fans) it's definitely a good feeling. I admit, I cracked a smile a couple of times reading the second issue of Batwoman. The great thing about reading this book isn't just JH William III's breathtaking art and obscure panel placements; but the actual reading experience. In order to take in each and every detail of the dialogue and the art, you have to read it slowly. There's just so much to look at!

I really love how Williams and Blackman are integrating the the D.E.O (Department of Extranormal Operations) into their story line. The concept for the D.E.O. is to keep tabs/an eye on costumed vigilantes, and it first appeared in Batman #550; co-created by Williams. I really love that the creative team is bringing this cool concept back, adding a slew of challenges for Kate to deal with.

The fact of the matter is there is so much good about this issue. The story line is becoming increasingly more interesting with every turn and revelation, and the gradual development of the relationship between Kate Kane and Detective Sawyer is not only a lot of fun, but it's interesting because Sawyer in no way suspects Kane to be Batwoman.

The break down of the crime scene where Sawyer walks Cameron Chase (D.E.O. Agent) through the events is not only superbly written, but it's gorgeously illustrated. This book is breathtaking. The break down and sequence of events are in perfect order and the pacing is on point.

The Bad

Nothing bad here. Gorgeous.

The Verdict

This is the most gorgeous book at DC Comics right now. J.H. Williams III is an incredible artist and he and W. Haden Blackman work incredibly well together. The story is still accessible to new readers, although I recommend picking up the first issue before you dive into this one. Very well written story that is getting more and more exciting as time goes on. I absolutely cannot wait for the third issue!