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Batwing #19 - The End of the Beginning


It's the end and the beginning for Batwing. This issue sets the stage for a whole new direction for the Bat-Universe.

There will be minor spoilers for BATWING #19 but the identity of the new Batwing will NOT be revealed here.

The Good

Batwing was a great character that just never really seemed to click. When the series debuted with the launch of the New 52, the idea of the "Batman of Africa" was intriguing. Unfortunately it just didn't seem to quite work out.

David Zavimbe says it best on the first page:

"The methods, the symbol, it doesn't mean the same thing here. Not even being a policeman is good enough to combat the ills that plague my nation."

When it was revealed a different person would become Batwing, fans of Zavimbe were concerned. The good news is his story isn't necessarily over. He just won't be in the suit any longer. This opens the door for him to work on his mission as he sees fit. This issue shows how and why this decision was made. And of course there will be a place for him in Batman Incorporated.

As for what's next, we do get a great tease. We do find out who the next Batwing will be. There is a new suit and it should get readers excited. Along with the new suit, there is something fitting about the choice, despite the controversy it could result in. As mentioned in our interview with Justin and Jimmy, "It's a new character but you may have seen him." I am on board with this character in this role 100%.

The Bad

It's unfortunate for fans of David Zavimbe but the reality of it is, the series wasn't selling very well despite there being fans of the character. This issue does do him justice and this new direction will hopefully be the shot in the arm the series needs. Fans of the previous issues should definitely check this out to see how David's tenure ends and what's coming up. Hopefully fans will appreciate his decision.

There is a slight feeling of two separate stories going on here as the old and the new are brought in. Next issue will prove to be extremely interesting.

The Verdict

It can be hard when change occurs, especially when it's with the main character in a title. As cool as David Zavimbe was as Batwing, he never really seemed to catch on with everyone. Allowing him to venture off in a different direction and bringing in a different character as Batwing could be just what this series needs. Having Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti on board also brings a level of giddiness as the two know how to bring a good time to comics. This issue is the end of Batwing but also the beginning. The choice for the new Batwing is brilliant in terms of tying the character closer to Batman and Gotham City. It's opened a new door that should bring a smile to fans and has the potential to blow up completely in Batman's face. That sense of uncertainty is what will add to this book's excitement as we witness the events unfold. Jimmy and Justin are ensuring Batwing has a place in the future of the Bat-Universe and beyond.