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Batwing #1 - The Cradle of Civilization


The first issue of Batwing introduces David Zavimbe to readers, sets up the story and makes you care about the character. In a nut shell, Judd Winick writes the perfect introductory issue that is guaranteed to have you hooked.

When a new character is being introduced to readers, there are certain details that need to be considered. 'Batwing' #1 writer Judd Winick gives readers the perfect introductory story guaranteed to hook you into this story.

The Good

The first issue of a comic is probably the most important. Not only does the writer have to set up the story, but they have to introduce the character to their audience in a refreshing and interesting way that will make them want to come back for a second issue. Judd Winick does this brilliantly in Batwing #1. The story opens with Batwing mid-fight against 'Massacre,' a villain who doesn't only lack in morality and ethics, but has gone on a killing spree. The reader learns very quickly that Batwing works alongside (and rather directly) with Bruce Wayne, Batman. All of Batwing's tech has been provided to him by Batman which draws a direct connection between him and Batman; it also solidifies Batwing's role in Batman, Inc. as the "Batman of Africa." Similar to the Batman we'll be seeing in Batman #1, Batwing (like Batman) is seen as a myth, a legend. It is essentially why he is so seemingly threatening.

Batwing #1 is a fantastic first issue. The pacing is great, the art is phenomenal and the story, overall is very interesting. Winick introduces readers to David Zavimbe as Batwing to readers and gives him what appears to be an incredible threatening and formidable adversary. Batwing's connection to Batman and his role in the Batman universe is clear and feels cohesive -- not at all disconnected. The final pages of this issue will guarantee that you will be back for more.

The Bad

This is an incredibly interesting an entertaining first issue. No complaints.

The Verdict

I love the idea of Batman in Africa and I think it's been very well executed here. The story feels cohesive and completely connected with the rest of the Batman universe. It's beautifully drawn and very well written. Definitely an issue to put on your pull list.