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Batman: The Dark Knight #11 - Cycle of Violence


Batman not only has to fight Scarecrow and try to save Commissioner Gordon's life, he also has to deal with keeping his girlfriend happy.

The Good

I was never a big fan of Scarecrow. I could respect his place among Batman's villains but I found him borderline between the really great Bat-villains and the bad ones. Gregg Hurwitz is making Scarecrow a great villain. Not only is he proving to be a ultra-creepy character but the flashback to his youth does wonders in making him that much more interesting.

In trying to solve the case, we get to see Batman act as a detective. This isn't something we've seen a whole lot lately. There is plenty of suspense and action to continue to make this a solid issue.

David Finch does a superb job in making Scarecrow scarier than before. He's not seen as a silly villain in a mask but now has a frightening side to him. I said it before, but having this series take that approach is a good thing. I strongly believe if we're going to have different Batman series, having different vibes works to make each one stand apart from the others.

The Bad

I can appreciate the subplot of Bruce Wayne trying to maintain a girlfriend. It could be a good thing for Bruce to attempt to have a life outside of the Bat-costume. I worry about where the story will go. Bruce doesn't have time for a girlfriend and she's already losing her patience.

Hurwitz has taken the book to a new level and is doing wonders with Scarecrow. It's still a little disturbing to see Scarecrow's plans involve kidnapping and essentially terrorizing children.

The Verdict

Gregg Hurwitz and David Finch are making THE DARK KNIGHT another solid Batman title. I was never really impressed with Scarecrow as a villain but Hurwitz's writing and Finch's depiction is moving him up among the ranks of the Bat-villains. Batman now has his hands full. Children are getting abducted, Commissioner Gordon is missing and he has to try to keep his girlfriend happy despite his constant need to rush out on her. No one said life was easy for Batman. I was ready to give up on this title but am thrilled to find the combination of Hurwitz and Finch a winning one.