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Batman: Li'l Gotham #20 - Horror Stories Review


The story is called "Horror Stories." Find out what a ten-year-old thought of this spooky chapter.

Damian thinks Alfred is a murderer. He gets Red Robin and Katana to spy on Alfred with him.

The Good

  • The art. The skies and the dark.
  • The secrecy and spying.
  • The black and white flashbacks.
  • The creepiness of the story.
  • The guesses for what was really going on.
  • Oh, the Santa as well.

The Bad

I didn't like Katana's outfit or her short hair. I didn't like that the kids had to clean up. They had to clean up because they were kids.

It felt too short. I wanted more.

The Verdict

This was an entertaining mystery story. It was a little creepy and definitely Halloween themed. I liked it. I just wish it was longer.