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Batman, Incorporated #8 - Nightmares in Numberland


The final issue of Batman, Inc delivers a digital adventure featuring Batman and Barbara Gordon. With the series ending until sometime in 2012, there is some let down as the current story is not resolved yet we do get a little tease of what is to come.

Batman, Incorporated promised big things for the Batman universe and the final issue is here before DC's relaunch. Unfortunately this issue doesn't give a completely satisfying ending. With an issue full of digital drawings, we get a unique angle to the story that might not appeal to everyone.

The Good

Bruce Wayne is seen working up an angle for Batman, Incorporated. With his proposal for...Internet 3.0, we get to actually see Bruce in the board room (sort of) trying to sell his idea. The fact that the entire issue is based on a computer generated virtually reality allows for the use of the digital art.

At first I cringed at the idea of the digital drawings. As the story progressed, I started warming up to it. It is an interesting change but a complete contrast to last issue's art by Chris Burnham.

There is a nice tease towards the end that is going to make the wait for the series' relaunch in 2012 feel even further away. Actually, it's more than a nice tease. It really makes up for the downfalls of this issue even though it was such a simple tease.

The Bad

At the beginning, it was difficult to determine who some of the characters were supposed to be. I thought the very first character was Damian but it turned out to be someone else. It's hard to come to a clear opinion on the art. It makes sense for the story but is such a harsh change from what we've been seeing. I can only imagine how this will read in a collected format.

As the final issue of the series, it is a bit of a let down. The story of Batman and Batman, Incorporated are clearly not over but this story has nothing to with the previous issues. The entire premise gave the feeling of being a filler issue which is disappointing given that it's Grant Morrison. Will there be any mention of Leviathan and Batman, Incorporated in the other Batman issues since Grant will be working on Action Comics during DC's relaunch?

The Verdict

This is the most bizarre Batman, Incorporated issue we've had. A strange adventure set in a virtual world is highlighted by the use of digital drawings. The art takes some getting used to as it works in some parts but looks strange in other areas. Being the final issue of Batman, Incorporated until 2012's relaunch, it's disappointing that we don't have a more solid story. There were some interesting elements but it ended up feeling like more of a filler issue rather than the end of a chapter. There is one significant tease that should make you perk up and long for more of Grant on Batman. We'll just have to wait to see where any of the plots set up are dealt with. I expected more and it's unfortunate that this is how this volume ends.