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Batman, Incorporated #7 - Medicine Soldiers


Man-of-Bats and Red Raven get the spotlight. Hopefully they'll survive.

Finally Man-of-Bats and Red Raven get some time focused on them. Unfortunately...things might not turn out too well for them.

The Good

Lately Batman Incorporated has had its ups and downs. This issue is one of the ups. I would implore everyone to read Batman: The Black Glove from 2009. Seeing all the Batmen of all Nations members was a great nod to the past. Seeing characters like Man-of-Bats left me wondering when we would see more of them. With this issue focusing on them, we see that not all issues need to have Batman in the spotlight. The reality of where Man-of-Bats and Red Raven operate really says a lot about their characters. They come from a world completely different from Gotham City. With the threat of Leviathan, the risks have grown exponentially for the Dynamic Duo of South Dakota.

Grant Morrison elevates the characters to a new level. We got a taste in The Black Glove but seeing them here and what they have to operate with, you have to gain a new respect for them. This is a more realistic look at the DC Universe and seeing how Batman Incorporated would fit in is a great read.

Chris Burnham's art is pretty sweet as well.He's a great addition to the title and I've enjoyed each issue he draws. His gritty, yet detailed approach added a new layer to the story and it's one of those issues that I wouldn't want to imagine someone else doing (I do that from time to time, imagine what it'd be like if certain artists did the issue).

The Bad

The scene with the dog. If you read the issue, you'll know what I'm talking about.

As much as I like the concept of Man-of-Bats and Red Raven but I'm not sure how they would fit in with Batman Incorporated. This is something that is addressed and it simply feels as if we're talking about two different worlds.

The Verdict

A focus on Man-of-Bats and Red Raven has been long overdue. The duo's time in the spotlight might be cut short as the threat of Leviathan is ramping up the dangers they are used to dealing with in their hometown. Morrison's decision to give us an inside look at the two elevates their characters to a new level. Batman may be challenged from time to time in Gotham City but with the way these two take their battle to the streets, they should be commended. Chris Burnham is always a joy to see on this title and his art style fits in perfectly with the characters and their environment. Hopefully the duo will survive so we can see more stories with them.