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Batman, Incorporated #7 - Belly of the Whale


It's not looking too good for Batman or Batman Incorporated as Talia's plans continue to unravel.

The Good

We're seeing some dark times in the Batman comics. Even though Death of the Family isn't affecting this title, Batman has his hands full with Talia and Leviathan. Last issue we saw Batman Inc suffer a big loss and Batman was at the mercy of the Heretic.

Normally we always see Batman on top. This is definitely an issue where we get to see the aftermath of the destruction. While Talia's plan is far from over, taking Batman out of the spotlight allows us to see more of the other characters involved, as this title should. This book isn't just about Batman. Whether it's seeing the repercussion of the loss of a character or Commissioner Gordon questioning what they're doing (when Batman isn't around), we get to see the story from a different angle. That's not something we typically see in Batman stories.

Let's not forget about Damian. Seeing him in the Batcave with his new animal companions or Dick, Tim and Jason working with Batman makes the excitement increase. This is why I'd love to see a BATMAN FAMILY title focusing on these characters working together.

As for Leviathan's plans, seeing it unfold is a little unsettling. The idea of the people that have become part of Leviathan is a scary one. We see some imagery that shows how 'real' it is in this situation and reminds us that Grant Morrison isn't taking things lightly. Chris Burnham contributes this with the way he draws the scenes.

The Bad

As much as I enjoy seeing this part of the story, it was a little odd having Batman so silent. He may be unconscious for part of the comic but it's a little weird not having him utter a single line.

I'm a big fan of Burnham's art but there were some moments when the art felt off a tiny bit. Despite this, it's still a great fit for the story. There were three pages drawn by Jason Masters. The slight difference also threw me off a bit.

The Verdict

Talia al Ghul and Leviathan are not playing around with Batman. This issue shows us a slightly different side as the repercussions from last issue are shown and Batman struggles to deal with his defeat. There is a big sense of the unknown when it comes to Grant Morrison's storytelling. You feel like there's the possibility that 'anything goes.' Burnham's art captures the grittiness of the events as they unfold. There were a couple moments it felt off but the visuals and colors by Nathan Fairbairn made for some cool moments. I'm almost scared to read the next issue but there's no way I won't read it as soon as it's out. Batman may have misjudged what Talia is capable of.