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Batman, Incorporated #6 - Garland of Skulls


The battle between Batman and Talia heats up as he and the others face the wraith of Leviathan.

The Good

The confrontation between Batman and Talia has been heating up for some time now. Talia isn't the same person she used to be. We've seen her transform into a more ruthless person, closer in personality to her father. She has made her vendetta against Batman clear since before the New 52 started. With Damian in the center, it's up to Batman to try to stop Talia's plan before Leviathan can completely destroy Gotham City.

Part of the fun in this series is seeing Batman operate with the other members of Batman Incorporated. Each member has the ability to stand on their own but we're seeing even they are not prepared for what is going on. Grant Morrison is throwing a lot at us and you get the sense his endgame is in sight. Knowing that he is leaving the series after issue 12, which is still six issues away, gives a sense that anything goes. Normally we always get the feel that everyone is safe but as Talia amps up her battle, we're seeing the possibility of some serious injuries. Who knows if there will be a Batman Incorporated left after Morrison leaves. But we do see a new addition to the cast.

Chris Burnham's art fits perfectly on this issue and series. His detailed and gritty style here beautifully conveys the action as it explodes across each page. You can almost feel each impact or hit during the fight and you will stop from time to time to simply stare at what's going on in the panels. And let's not forget Bat-Cow is here as well.

The Bad

Talia does a lot of talking throughout the issue but this is a case where we do want to hear the 'villain' explain their plan. Talia's desire for creating Leviathan and destroying Gotham feels it's due to the closeness of Batman and Damian. She was the one that brought them together. You can't help but wonder if there is more to her motivation than this. Hopefully there is.

The action is great here but it does feel isolated from most of the other characters. Batman may have ordered them to let him deal with Talia alone but there is a strength in numbers. Since his return after his death, Batman has learned the importance in accepting hep from others. That was a big part of why he created Batman Incorporated in the first place. He has chosen the members due to their skills and abilities so there shouldn't be a reason for him to insist they sit this fight out when stopping Leviathan is a top priority.

The Verdict

BATMAN INCORPORATED continues to deliver the high octane action we expect from Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham. More and more we're seeing each Batman series gravitate towards their own distinct feel while maintaining some continuity. Having this subtle variety makes reading each title a different experience. We all know that Morrison's time on the series is limited and even though the fight with Talia has been going on for a while, you can feel it's all about to explode. There's no saying what Morrison has planned next and having Burnham's art to tell his stories is a great treat.