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Batman: Gates of Gotham #4 - Part Four: The Gotham City Massacre


The fourth installment of Gates of Gotham may not have been the best issue in the series thus far, but it's a solid book nonetheless.

Of all the issues in the Gates of Gotham series, this one was probably my least favorite. Having said that, Gates of Gotham has been a fantastic series. Spoilers below! You've been warned.

The Good

Any book with Dustin Nguyen as the artist is amazing, and this issue is no different. Although the art switches (Dustin Nguyen shares penciling duties with artist Derec Donovan) the reading experience (when Dustin and Derec alternate pages) isn't too jarring since the two artists have similar styles. This issue focuses on the build up to the fifth and final issue of Gates of Gotham, due out later this month. The story opens with both Tim Drake and Damian Wayne teaming up against the Architect. The story is solid, and the art and pacing are both very good.

The Bad

In the last issue of Gates of Gotham we saw a lot of character interaction -- namely, hostility on Damian's part toward Cassandra Cain (Black Bat). This issue, however, deals more with the setup toward the final battle between Batman and the Architect. There's no real follow in regards to the way the Bat family members perceive one another. Compared to other issues, this one played out a bit slower than the previous issues of Gates of Gotham.

The Verdict

When collected, these five issues will be superb, and I am sure the pacing will be perfect. However, because this issue is separated, it feels a bit drawn out. I would have liked to see Snyder and Higgins deal a bit more with the relationships and interactions within the Bat family considering this will be one of the last times we will get to see all of these characters interacting before the relaunch of the DC Universe.