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Batman Eternal #11 - Day of the Dads


Batgirl takes on Scorpiana!

The Good

There are some great, stand-out moments within this issue. After what happened in issue #10, Alfred has a lot to deal with back at the Wayne manor. In #11, he spends a lot of time trying to reconnect with his daughter, Julia, as well as trying to be a father to her once again. It's moments like this that slow the pace of the book down and let the reader really get into the heads of these characters. They're more than just their roles. They have outside lives, and I love that those ideas are explored within this issue.

The other fantastic thing about this issue is the brief moments we see of Stephanie Brown, who is looking more and more like Spoiler, every issue. She discovers her father's (Cluemaster) secret origin and even remembers, as a child, when Batman invaded her house and grilled her dad. It's the coolest story in this issue, seeing Cluemaster as a game show host and watching him become this weird villain. Stephanie's narration moves along this scene extremely well, and it's some fantastic writing from Tim Seeley.

The Bad

Ian Bertram has a very specific style, which is a tad reminiscent of Frank Quitely's work on BATMAN AND ROBIN. While Bertram's background work is fantastic, his character work can be extremely rough. Eyes are huge on these character's faces. And the faces, in general, feel off. Bertram's work would look great on an indy book, but when readers are used to more of a house style, Bertram's just looks off. The way he drew Red Hood was also rough. He's smiling. There's a actual mouth on the mask. It looks so weird and out of place.

The Batgirl story here, which is the main story of this issue, is ok but not much more. There's definitely some cool visual moments with some characters, who will not be spoiled here, but the main story is a bit lackluster and uninteresting.

The Verdict

BATMAN ETERNAL #11 contains three stories, two of which are good, and one of which is a bit bland. On top of that, the art can be pretty rough in places and doesn't mesh well with the overall issue or its characters, even though, without a doubt, this artist has a great amount of talent. Once again, it's a decent issue from this series, but it doesn't really "wow" the audience. The biggest drag on this particular issue is the art though. If you're enjoying the series, keep reading it as it does well as a weekly series. However, chances of it being one of your favorites is very slim.