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Batman: Arkham City: End Game #1 - End Game, 1 of 6


If you've finished the game, you know how it ends. This first chapter of the digital comic tells you what happens right after.

More and more we're seeing comics go 'digital first.' The question is, how to they rate compared to regular comics?

The Good

The important thing to note right away is that this is written by Derek Fridolfs. He has been busy writing the previous BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED digital series (which is currently getting the printed treatment as well). He's been immersed in this video game world for some time now so it makes perfect sense that he continues to tell the story of what happens after Arkham City ends.

I won't go into details or spoilers, but if you've finished the game, you know there was a pretty crazy ending. Getting to see what happens right afterwards isn't something we normally get. Once a video game is over, that's pretty much it. There might be a sequel to the game but it rarely picks up right where the previous left off.

Because of the nature of what is happening, this plays out better as a comic. We're getting a focus on the story rather than a concern over the gameplay and action. If you haven't played or finished the game, this should make you want to run out and do so. It's also intended to bridge the gap between the game and next week's Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC.

There is a creepy tone to the issue and Lee Loughridge's colors really help capture that.

The Bad

We have a really nice Patrick Gleason cover that goes along with the previous Arkham covers we've seen. The interiors by Jason Shawn Alexander is something different. Let me make it clear that Alexander's art is great but it doesn't feel like it has a Arkham City vibe to it. I would definitely love to see Alexander work on more Batman as the art really conveys a gritty and dark feeling but it felt weird here. And what's really weird is seeing Batman wearing a mask with big eye-holes where you can actually see his eyes!

The Verdict

Comic fans may be on the fence when it comes to digital comics but there's no denying the quality you get with the 'digital first' comics from DC. END GAME offers a continuation of the story from the Arkham City videogame. The best thing is having Derek Fridolfs on the title since he's been involved with the ARKHAM UNHINGED digital series. Jason Shawn Alexander's art is really nice but doesn't quite fit in with the Arkham City vibe from the game. It's a little grittier but still looks great, especially with Lee Loughridge's colors. This six part weekly series will only cost you $0.99. If you've been hungering for more of the story after finishing the game and plan on playing the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC, you'll get a kick out of reading this.