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Batman and Robin #7 - Driven


It's the final confrontation between Batman and Nobody with the life of Damian at stake. How far will Batman go to save the life of his son?

It's all been building up to this, the final battle between Batman and Nobody. Batman isn't too happy. Will Batman be able to keep his focus and save Damian?

The Good

Throughout the first six issues, we've seen the strained relationship between Bruce and Damian. It's been a great dynamic since we don't need to see another chummy relationship between Batman and a Robin. The fact that they are father and son and will have disagreements adds a different aspect to the Dynamic Duo. Although with the way things are headed for Damian, how long this relationship lasts is another issue.

Pitting Batman against Nobody, a nemesis with ties to Bruce's past, has given one of those confrontations that has a feeling that it matters. When Batman fights the average villain, you never really get a sense that anything huge will happen. The fact that this villain knows many of Bruce's secrets makes him that much deadlier. With his attack at a personal level also allows us to see what Batman is really about. He is usually calm and collected when dealing with his foes but with the life of his son on the table, it might be a little more difficult for Batman to maintain his composure.

Tomasi and Gleason set up a very intense confrontation. There is a lot going on around them as the fight unfolds. Just imagine Batman unleashing his rage against a formidable opponent. The art with John Kalisz's colors really sets the tone for the entire issue. All we need is an intense musical score to go along with it.

As for a conclusion to this story...let's just say it won't be a complete happy ending. The arc may be pretty much over but there is still plenty that will carry over into the following issues.

The Bad

The action was intense and the art was top notch but it felt as if something was missing. We've had this build up between Batman and Nobody and I guess there's only a few ways this could end. Part of me feels the frantic events unfolded too quickly in this issue yet there wouldn't really be a need to drag it out to another.

The ending to the confrontation is one that will have an impact. It's not hard to figure out based on the way the story's been going. The deciding factor will see how the following issues treat what happens here.

The Verdict

Will Batman and Robin survive their first major battle as the Dynamic Duo in the "New 52"? We've seen a new deadly villain with Nobody. Unlike the average Batman foe, Nobody has a deeper tie to Bruce's past which gives him an edge over others. Tomasi's story set up an intense encounter and Gleason's art along with Kalisz's colors all came together in a spectacular fashion. The arc concludes in a good, if maybe slightly predictable, fashion (and there is still a follow up next issue). There will definitely be ramifications that will need to be addressed. Tomasi and Gleason have been a great team on this series which is exactly what the characters deserve. They've shown us their first act and it's going to be a long month in waiting for what they have planned next.